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Rifò Packaging


Rifò products are packaged and shipped by default through recycled cardboard packaging and plastic free materials, 100% recyclable and made in Italy.

Alternatively, you can choose Repack, the reusable packaging service that reduces the impact of traditional packaging by 20 times.

We also created Fluffypack, the new reusable packaging in recycled felt that gives a new life to textile waste whose composition in mixed fibers does not allow us to recycle it for clothing, thus saving it from landfills.

Safe and sustainable shipping

As an e-commerce we want to combine the best possible shopping experience for people, together with the sustainability that distinguishes us.

For this reason, for the packaging to send Rifò garments, we have chosen to eliminate plastic and use only paper and cardboard from local box factories and artisans. We have chosen two formats: one medium and one small, able to adapt to the different dimensions of our shipments and to contain more objects if necessary, minimizing waste. Moreover, our #rifolutionary boxes are reusable.

Our Fluffypack packaging: recycled and reusable

We recently introduced Fluffypack, a recycled and reusable felt bag made of mixed textile fibers and tested to travel and protect your Rifò purchases from water and weather.

Fluffypack is a rifolutionary packaging that originates from a mechanical recycling process, avoiding the use of water. It is locally produced in Prato's textile district, making it possible to save from landfill even textile waste with a low starting value compared to cashmere, wool, or jeans.

The beauty of Fluffypack is that its life cycle does not end with shipping: available in two sizes, it can be reused in many different ways.

Repack reusable packaging

Repack is the durable and reusable packaging for e-commerce. Designed by a Finnish startup with the desire to combine sustainability and industrial design, the impact of Repack on the planet is only 36.2 grams of CO2, more or less the one generated by sending a letter by postal service. A Repack envelope can be reused up to 20 times by consumers all over the world.

How does Repack Work

Once the user receives the goods through this robust polypropylene material he must send it back to Repack, so that it can be put back into circulation. We have decided to offer this packaging option without top-ups, € 3 per order, which is exactly what each envelope costs us. By choosing Repack, you can also take advantage of a 10% discount voucher that can be used in the network of stores that use Repack: a hundred online shops and brands between Europe and the United States that care about sustainability and the environment.

With all our heart

We love being a human brand! We create gift boxes that tell something about us. Letters, postcards, personalized tickets ...

If you want to give Rifò as a gift, you can choose the gift package option for free. Each one is unique: we create bows and ribbons with the yarn and recycled material that we collect from the craftsmen who created Rifò products.