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Nei Nostri Panni

A concrete social impact project

5 people in a vulnerable situation, 5 local companies and 6 months to become cenciaiolis.

Together with different partners we decided to create a new social impact project, a school for cenciaiolis for people coming from the migrants local reception centers.

Each time someone makes a purchase on our website, we donate 2 € to make it possible. We have always done it with 2LovePrato and local associations, but this time we have decided to take a step forward.

Integration and tradition

Nei Nostri Panni came into being to turn a critical situation into an opportunity.

On the one hand, we have a virtuous reception center in the area, the Fondazione Opera Santa Rita. Here, young people who are in a vulnerable situation and need work training are hosted.

On the other hand, we have the craft of the cenciaiolo, born in Prato more than 100 years ago. This tradition is practised less and less and there is a risk that it is not handed down to future generations. However, the textile sector is understanding the increasing importance of circularity and sustainability and the potential of textile recycling. 

So we decided to combine the preservation of a tradition and create an opportunity for social redemption at the same time.


As always, we want our social impact projects to be concrete and measurable.

The training of the five young people who were selected for the project will take place in  two phases, within a duration of six months.

The selected candidates will undergo classroom training and obtain all the certifications needed to work in the companies, such as safety and fire protection.

Afterwards there will be a real internship in the field, during which apprentices will learn to recognize, divide and select old garments and textile waste in order to be recycled.


A jobless migrant who has recently arrived in Italy lives in a tough situation.

People who find themselves in this stalemate are often forced to accept poorly paid jobs without a contract, and in worst cases they become victims of exploitation.

With Nei Nostri Panni project, we want to give them concrete help to start a new life.

The companies and the partners

The Municipality of Prato is one of the partners of Nei Nostri Panni, which has officially started in March 2022.

This is a project that was born from below, thanks to the direct contribution of the companies that will host the apprentices. They were able to see the positive impact of the initiative on the community and themeselves.

This all was made possible by the beneficiary companies, the project partners and the investors.

Furthermore, Nei Nostri Panni project has generated the interest of an international European delegation. They came to Prato to see the art of textile regeneration and in order to support the initiative.

This project is made possible by:

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