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Who is Rifò

Rifò comes from the Tuscan dialect and it means redoing. A 0 km name for a local clothing production that takes up the tradition of textile upcycling.


Rifò is a Tuscan inflection of the verb 'rifare', meaning 'to remake', or 'to redo'.
We chose this dialectal name because it represents the way of speaking of the locals and the so-called Cenciaioli. They are the artisans who, more than a hundred years ago, invented the recycling method of old clothes we adopted.
That's the reason behind our name, which discloses a traditional craft we are 're-doing' and strongly committed to passing on.

How Rifò was born

  1. July 2017

    Niccolò is in Vietnam and gets the idea to create a sustainable fashion brand after realizing the issues of overproduction and overconsumption in the fashion industry.
  2. August 2017

    In his office in Hanoi, he comes up with the name "Rifò" for the brand.
  3. September 2017

    Niccolò returns from Vietnam and assesses the project's feasibility in Prato, visiting the "cenciaioli" (traditional textile regenerators) and preparing a crowdfunding campaign with Clarissa, Michele, and Fiammetta.
  4. November 2017

    The crowdfunding campaign is launched, and in less than 30 days, approximately 11,500 euros are raised, thanks to the support of the Rifò community. 
  5. April 2018

    The crowdfunding campaign for the 100% recycled t-shirt is launched, with over 300 t-shirts sold in just one month.
  6. May 2018

    Rifò joins the “Hubble” acceleration program at the Nana Bianca accelerator in Florence, with the support of Research and Developement Foundation and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.
  1. July 2018

    Rifo S.r.l. is founded, turning an idea into a socially-driven enterprise.
  2. November 2018

    Rifò returns to Prato and creates the Agorà store/office with Niccolò Corsi from Mashup Lab.
  3. March 2019

    Our first 100% Italian-made recycled jeans sweater is launched.
  4. June-October 2019

    Martina (content creator), Camilla (fashion designer), and Eleonora (communication specialist) join the team to transform Rifò from a project into a full-fledged brand.
  5. March 2020

    The Avanguardista Jacket, Rifò's first garment made from denim fabric, is launched.
  6. May 2021

    The Re-Think Your Jeans project in collaboration with NaturaSì, expands to 107 stores across Italy.
  7. July 2021

    Rifò moves to a larger location in Prato, at Via Filicaia 26.
  8. Today

    To be continued... To infinity and beyond!

Values: our pillars


Our mission is simple: Rifò wants to create quality garments and accessories produced entirely in Prato and its surroundings with recycled and recyclable fibers.

  • Recycling

    We transform old garments in new fibers giving them a new value.
  • Craftsmanship

    We love perpetuating artisanal textile traditions.
  • Territory

    Each product is made in Prato at 30 km from our office.
  •  Passion

    Feel the emotions again, give garments their value as it once was.

What we believe in

1 • We believe in turning diversity into a chance to breathe new life 
to something that is considered waste.
2 • We are proud of the legacy of our region, which has passed 
down an immense textile tradition for generations.
3 • We are convinced that it is still possible to produce artisanal 
Made in Italy garments, crafted in the traditional manner.
4 • We have faith in the magic of emotions and in the concept that 
a garment can last a lifetime when truly cherished.
5 • We reject sales, manufactured needs, and exaggerated discounts. Our products must genuinely fulfill real needs.
6 • We value people, not just as consumers.
7 • We have confidence in both the community and the individual who, in their own small way, have the power to change things.
8 • We are committed to being honest and transparent, even when that means admitting our limitations.
9 • We consistently challenge ourselves, aiming to learn from our mistakes and get down to work. 
10 • Lastly, we hold the strong conviction that having the chance to pursue what we love with passion and a smile on our face is the most beautiful gift possible.


B Corp Certification Notice

“Certified B Corporation” is a trademark licensed by B Lab, a private non-profit organization, to companies like ours that have successfully completed the B Impact Assessment (“BIA”) and therefore meet the requirements set by B Lab for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

It is specified that B Lab is not a conformity assessment body as defined by Regulation (EU) No 765/2008, nor is it a national, European, or international standardization body as per Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012. The criteria of the BIA are distinct and independent from the harmonized standards resulting from ISO norms or other standardization bodies, and they are not ratified by national or European public institutions.


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