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Meet the Rifò Team



We like keeping up with times and staying updated on what’s happening around us.


Our desktops are always a disaster, but that’s where our best ideas were born!


We are committed every day to promote a change of course towards a more sustainable reality for our planet.


We are Italian (and most of all Tuscanian), so our love for good food is not a surprise!

Who we are

Niccolò Cipriani Founder Rifò
Niccolò (The Restless)Founder

Niccolò never stops, he always works: occasionally he even falls asleep in the office or he stares into space, his favourite painting.

Sometimes he doesn’t listen to you, he gets lost in his thoughts, where may he be? You call him again and again and he doesn’t answer or worse: he answers “yes” but he wasn’t listening.

His biggest passion is cinema, he never stops watching movies or mentioning them. Another of his passion is walking in the woods: his father Dante transmitted it to him since he was a kid, when they went together seeking for mushrooms and asparagus.

Niccolò firmly believes that everyone can make a difference, step by step.

Daniele (The Operational )Product Developer

Daniele once stepped by accident on Camilla’s foot. She immediately asked: “What’s your sign? Are you a Pisces?”.
She was totally right!

Daniele believes he is lucky: he managed to work with people he like doing a job he loves.
Unfortunately this makes time run faster… but surely he doesn’t get bored while seeking for new fabrics or way to produce new clothes.

He always tries to do what he loves, with the purpose to build something.

Daniele thinks that creating is the best way to change things with the will to improve them.

Martina (The Meticulous One)Communication designer

Serial “to do list” compiler, infusios lover, meditative and nostalgic since she was born.
In life, just like in what she does at work, she loves to be in a “team” because that gives her the self-confidence that isn’t part of her personality.

While everyone’s dream is a vacation on a Caribbean beach, her secret wish is to see the Northern lights. Her favourite season is, in fact, winter.

Her biggest passion is photography. She loves pressing the camera button and moving around the subject to change points of view.

She likes stopping by to observing details that no one ever notice. She hates, instead, being on the other side of the camera.

Eleonora (The Fact-Checker)Communication Specialist

If doubt were a kingdom, of course Eleonora would be the queen. She examines and doubts everything, from the choice of haircut to the best marketing strategy. To complete the picture, an overwhelming instinct for argumentation and criticism, probably due to her French half.

She is curious and stubborn, there is no getting away from her when she sets her mind to trying something. She once tried five times in a row to make mayonnaise, and finally succeeded.

She likes walking in nature, Asian cuisine and vintage in all its forms.

And of course writing, her main task for Rifò, with a guiding conviction: the means is the message, but the means without the message is like an empty box.

Bianca (The Barcelonian)Video Content Creator

Back in Florence after a few years in Barcelona, where she has focused her interest in sustainable fashion, Bianca is the new entry in Rifò's communication team.

Neatfreak or chronic mess maker? She is still trying to figure it out, but in the meantime she practices therapeutic decluttering throughout the office.

From an early age she played with the first videocameras, which probably only recorded in black and white. One day she would like to merge all the most important frames of her life into one video.

And... the most important thing: the videos cannot be edited without a little chocolate treat after lunch. No chocolate, no concentration.

Gaia (The Explorer)UX & Web Designer
Gaia Artemisia, down to both name and nature – precise and grounded.

Always positive and cheerful, as much as she's creative and full of ideas. Just as Greek mythology tells, Gaia is the primordial goddess of Earth, and indeed, caring for the planet is one of her greatest passions.

Moreover, Gaia Artemisia is an art enthusiast, almost as if she carries the name of paintress Artemisia Gentileschi herself. She adores spending time in nature and is a curious wanderer.
Marco (the hyperactive) Digital Marketing Specialist

Growing up among the forests of Casentino and the hills of Bologna, greenery and nature have always been a constant in my life

I walked hundreds of miles through forests, beaches and mountains.

A chronic adventurer and traveler, with a tent and a good pair of shoes, I have everything I need to be happy... 

When I'm not thinking about the next journey to take, I enjoy creating advertising campaigns, conversion funnels, and studying metrics and statistics.

Always in good spirits, a fan of every possible and imaginable sport, but above all, a lover of books and good coffee..

Chiara (the vegetarian one)Fashion Designer

Chiara is our designer. Finally a vegetarian in the group!

She lives with her head in the clouds: every single detail that she notices in the world around her can set her off on a journey to unknown worlds. When this happens, she keeps her gazer fixed: it may look like she's eyeballing you, but actually she is not even seeing you.

When she doesn't draw she gets lost in many other projects: one day it is photography, another day it's cooking, then gardening, writing...

Whenever she gets the chance, she goes to the seaside, she dives into the water, rearranges her ideas and then lets her fantasy go. She thinks she was a fish in a previous life. Probably she really was.
Her motto? Grace and kindness will save the world.

Andrea (the singer)Product Developer

If there is a problem to be managed or a solution to be found, Andrea is there. He gets into the Rifò van and rushes to our craftsmen to understand what's going on, making sure that everything goes in the right direction.

Tempted by Trello, but old school in the soul: without his handwritten notes and physical folders he is lost. In fact, everyone in the office covets them and punctually goes to get and mess them up.

If you find him on the street singing on the phone don't worry, he is a singer and he is probably recording some music notes to write his next song.

He sees his life as a magnificent "mid-air flight" and through his music he can say what he often does not express otherwise.

Margherita (The Observer)Product Developer

Margherita, one third Ligurian, one third Bergamasque and now one third Tuscan!

Her crazy love for fashion and vintage, eclectic and sometimes bizarre clothes has given her a superpower... Her hands are like magnets: everything she finds, even in a tiny village shop, sticks to her. An explosive volcano of emotions, words and ideas. She pays attention to the smallest detail and nothing gets past her: going to a museum with her is dangerous... 24 hours may not be enough.

Cheerful, always willing to lend a hand and find solutions that can bring everyone together to solve even the most difficult problems! All this, of course, only after drinking coffee... no sugar, please!

Cristiana (the twin)Product Developer

Born in Friuli, moved to Florence, but with her heart in Prato!

An eternal dreamer, always traveling for work or passion, she arrives at Rifò for a new "zero kilometer adventure."

She loves fashion, especially knitwear. With a single thread, she imagines creating weaves with infinite creativity...

Be careful not to mistake her for her identical twin!

Sofia (The Marshal)Junior Product Developer
Straight-shooter, practical powerhouse, and dealmaker extraordinaire.

A lioness in both spirit and demeanor; she rules with organization and precision.

A true "Yes woman," she can conquer a day of vendor-hopping, set a table, and handle spats with "Gianni" all in one stride.

The youngest of the pack, yet with an old soul. She's a constant presence whenever help is needed, ensuring everyone stays on track.

She entertains her colleagues by involving them in the search for the perfect outfits for her countless gala events.

In the grand theater of our team, Sofia, our Marshal, orchestrates with finesse and fortitude.
Andrea (Sergio)Operations Manager

If our office were a hotel, Andrea would be the concierge.

He knows every corner of the warehouse and can effortlessly reel off the names of all the Rifò garments - past, present, and future - backward.

To fall asleep, Andrea counts our beanies Marcello. Energetic and tireless problem solver, on Sundays he rests by cycling across Monte Amiata.

Christian (the Magician)Logistics Operation Assistant

Calm, dedicated to duty, and always willing to help others.

He is the organizer of the company's logistic life. He's constantly in motion, like a ping-pong ball, between the office and the warehouse, always sorting orders and looking for spaces for our items even when spaces seem to be lacking.

It's no coincidence that he's nicknamed the "Magician"; he has the power to turn the impossible into possible, and there's no clear answer to how he does it...

A bit like answering the question: What's a Livornese doing in Prato?

Clinton (The President)Warehouseman

Clinton has also joined the family of Tuscan tortelli, despite his attachment to his Nigerian roots and cuisine.

He meticulously packs our e-commerce parcels, paying the utmost attention to detail.

Clinton knows the entire Rifò warehouse like the back of his hand and maneuvers through the myriad names of products effortlessly.
The colleagues from the communication team might have added a bit of complexity to his life with all the naming, but he manages to navigate through the tricky pitfalls of nearly identical garment names.

Chiara (The Thoughtful One)Customer Service

Sweet on the outside and resolute within, just like chocolate, which she can't live without. She adores art in all its forms and is always ready to accompany you to the most diverse exhibitions.

Often lost in thought among the clouds, yet always grounded: pragmatic advice is her forte. She loves to contemplate thoughtfully before making any decision, whether it's about important matters or the dessert on the menu.

Sicily is her homeland, sunny and welcoming, just like her. Her adventures have taken her all around Europe, but Paris has captured her heart, along with pain au chocolat and the French language.

Precise and kind, she guides customers and supports them with a certain savoir-faire.

Arianna (the chatty) Wholesale and Business Partnership Manager

Arianna is like a whirlwind of sustainable energy and fun. With a background filled with eco-friendly companies, she has turned her passion for the environment into a career that not only sells but inspires. Between one negotiation and another, Arianna often finds herself getting lost among the mountain peaks near Prato, or engaging in some drum rolls.

Despite her hectic lifestyle, Arianna always finds time to pamper her two cats, whom she considers her children.

Sara (The Dj)Export Sales Assistant
Tall, blonde, with eyes as blue as the sky – she's the quintessential resident of North Prato.

With a strong spirit and ideas as clear as her skin type, Sara's only fear is overexposure to ultraviolet rays.

She brings the second floor of Rifò to life with her wild playlists, earning her the crown of DJ.

The spotlight is the perfect stage for this young rising star in the sales field.

She loves to sing in the hallways and immerse herself in Russian literary epics.
Paola (The Number Cruncher)Accountant

Forever committed to literally crunching... numbers, her one true passion! Precision is her mantra; everything must be exact, arranged, and organized according to her standards, even though Rifò is sparking a revolution even within her.
With excellent organizational skills, she pours her heart and expertise into everything she does, and giving up is simply not in her vocabulary. She won't rest until she finds the solution, no matter how long it takes.
She adores the culinary world but despises cooking; she's in love with art but lacks the knack for creativity. She's a travel enthusiast, but if you happen to hop on the subway with her, make sure to double-check the direction... she's probably chosen the wrong one!

Ester (the chilly one)Accountant & Analyst Assistant

Imagine a sea of numbers where Ester navigates with the skill of a captain, firmly and determinedly challenging the waves of tables and the winds of finance. But behind her focused eyes lies an overwhelming passion for the sweetness of life! Ester loves to immerse herself in romance novels, treat herself with some chocolate, enjoy a lemon ice lolly on a sunny day, and get lost in the nature trails.

Quiet on the surface, but when she comes into confidence, she becomes a volcano of energy, bringing warmth and vitality wherever she goes. Ester is the perfect combination of strength and gentleness, making our administrative team a brighter and more fun place!


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