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New life even to the last scraps

We were a bit tired of disposable cardboard packaging, so we tried to literally think outside the box and we created a customised solution for our packaging.

Fluffypack Upcycling Rifò

The recycled and reusable packaging

That’s why we created Fluffypack, a recycled and reusable felt bag made of mixed textile fibers and tested to travel and protect your Rifò purchases from water and weather.

From single-use packaging to a multi-use object

The amazing part is, Fluffypack’s life cycle does not end with shipping

Depending on its size, it can become a handy container to put in a suitcase, a bag for children's toys or a hamper, a maxi bag, or even a new gift box.

Created locally

Fluffypack packaging originates from a mechanical recycling process, realised a few km from our office, avoiding the use of water. 

In Prato’s textile district, where the recycling of textile fibers is a tradition, we were able to find a way to turn even mixed composition garments in new materials.

Textile waste saved from landfill

Thanks to this process it is, therefore, possible to give new life even to materials with a low starting value compared to cashmere, wool, or jeans.

The composition of Fluffypack’s felt comes from mixed fibers, mainly polyester, which in most cases end up in landfill or incineration. These materials account for the 30% of the 11 kg of textile waste each of us throws away per year.

In the future, creating such material could also give rise to new recycling industries that identify the most suitable garments or textile waste to be transformed into this new, rifolutionary packaging.

Let’s start the Fluffypack test!

Before turning Fluffypack into our official and exclusive packaging for shipping, we will start a random test period for orders in our shop.

By purchasing on our online shop, you may receive your parcel with this sustainable packaging. Inside you will find a postcard to answer a few simple questions and tell us what you think about it.