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Rifò's 2023

As always, we recap the most important milestones that have marked our just-passed year.

Why do we do this? For us at Rifò, it's a journey of shared growth with the people who support us. A journey we take together, reinvesting in a different economy that prioritizes responsibility over profits.

Here's how, in our small way, we demonstrated our commitment to the world in 2023.

Nei Nostri Panni project - all profiles were hired

Our 2023 began with good results: all the profiles from the Nei Nostri Panni social impact project were hired by the companies that hosted them for six months; they will become the new cenciaioli of tomorrow.

In Our Shoes

It was truly satisfying because, when we started putting together so many realities, it didn't seem like a simple task. However, the project took off smoothly because it addresses a real need: it combines generational change in sectors where it's lacking with social integration.

Fabulous Crafts and Made in Italy Enhancement

In 2023, we launched our column to narrate our artisans' Fabulous Crafts. We decided to focus more and more on craftsmanship and the Made in Italy of Prato's textile district, which we want to contribute to safeguarding, as we become more aware that it is threatened by a lack of generational turnover.

local artisans at Rifò

We want to explain why when the last rammagliatrici (linking machine operators) retire, knitting will be done less accurately; we want to interview some cenciaioli  and showcase their ability to recognize various textile fibers; and we want to show younger generations that being an artisan can be a fascinating job and a real alternative to consider.

darners at work

Rifò's New Products: recycled cotton knitwear, natural dyes, bags

Among the new items of 2023 that marked the year, we have those developed to offer more accessible sustainable products and, on the other hand, the results of more avant-garde research aimed at translating our values of environmental sustainability into unique garments.

Our recycled cotton knitwear pieces enhance the 50% recycled and 50% organic cotton yarn, with prices ranging from €49 to €105.

natural dye knitwear

 Textile dyeing using natural pigments, whether vegetable or mineral, is done in specific industrial washers or by hand and allows for the creation of unique pieces that have had zero impact in terms of chemicals released into the environment.

For the first time, we venture into the world of bags, with pieces that mix our recycled denim fabric with leather details coming from production scarps. Our bags were made by the Tuscan designer Tommaso Cecchi de Rossi. Click here to discover more about our ideas regarding bags, leather, and sustainability.

The BCome tracking system

During this year, we equipped approximately 50 Rifò products with a dedicated study of their impacts throughout the entire production process, going well beyond the material they are made of.

Thanks to the BCome platform, we can state how much our garments have consumed in terms of water, pollution, and CO2, as well as the artisans who worked on them and the kilometers traveled from the supplier to our warehouse. All this information is available on our product pages and completes the set of information (how it's made, who made it, environmental impact) that we have always committed to making evident.

Digital Passport Rifò

For us, this step means a lot because it finally allows us to have a unique reference point when communicating the numbers related to our production impacts. All this while pursuing the goal of maximum transparency and awareness, both for those who already know and buy Rifò and for those approaching sustainable and responsible fashion for the first time.

Take-back service with home pickup

We have always managed our used garments take-back service by sending a courier to collect wool and cashmere garments from people's homes, as well as through physical boxes at various collection points.

In 2023, we decided to expand this service and collect not only wool and cashmere, but also denim garments through couriers.  A gesture that democratizes the possibility of participating in the circular economy for us. To make this possible without excessive transport impacts, we asked for a minimum donation of 5 old garments. In return for this gesture, participants receive a €10 voucher to spend on our site, and the community continues to grow.

Our first store

Finally, the most exciting news for Rifò in 2023: the opening of our first temporary store.

At 46 Corso Garibaldi in Milan, an important showcase and a challenge on many fronts: logistics, communication, setup... But at the same time, it was an experience that enriched us a lot: we saw our community up close, engaged with neighbors bigger than us, and had the opportunity to take our project to a slightly higher level than last year.

temporary store Rifò

Until January 31, 2024, we will be at Corso Garibaldi 46

Rifò retailers are growing

2023 was the year when in-store purchases regained ground compared to online ones. After the explosion of e-commerce during the pandemic, this is a sign that people are definitively out and about and appreciate seeing things in person before buying, which is good news for small retailers and also for the environmental impact that online purchases have on the planet. 

Rifò product retailers, in fact, have grown by 60%, increasing from about 220 to 350 retailers. Furthermore, of the new sales points that trusted us in 2023, 50 are in Italy and 80 abroad, marking for the first time a greater interest in our products from foreign markets compared to Italy. 

Awards and recognition for Rifò in 2023

Finally, a brief summary of the recognitions that made us proud of our work during this year:

Finalists of the Rolando Polli Award 2023, Ambienta SGR & McKinsey

Premio America Innovazione – Italy USA Foundation

Premio Impresa Sostenibile 2023 – Sole 24 Ore

Premio per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile 2023 – Foundation for Sustainable Development, Ecomondo

Premio Innovazione Toscana 2023 – Tuscany Region

team Rifò

On behalf of the entire Rifò team, which grows visibly from year to year, thank you for being with us in 2023, and we hope you continue to do so in 2024.

Best wishes!

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