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Sustainable Summer: The New Collection of Summer Cotton Clothing

We are excited to present our latest summer garments and dresses made of recycled and regenerated cotton, a soft, light, and breathable yarn that not only embraces your body but also strives for a future with the least possible impact on the environment.

Summer cotton dresses: must-have for summer 2024

Canotta Spalla Larga Donna Cotone Rigenerato Sole - Grigio Antracite

Women's cotton tank top Sole

Our first must-have piece that cannot be missing in your wardrobe is definitely the Sole tank top: fresh and light, an essential piece for the summer season. Made with 50% recycled cotton and 50% organic cotton, its clean and modern design, with a square neckline and wide straps, makes it perfect for any occasion, from a walk on the beach to evenings in the city.

Breathable and durable, the Sole tank top is comfortable and versatile, to be paired with different looks and outfits thanks to the three available colors: gray antracite, yellow crema, and beige avena. Try it with recycled denim pants, a skirt, or comfortable knit shorts for a seaside walk. Made with love in Italy, this high-quality tank top will surely find a place in your wardrobe to become your favorite summer piece.

Recycled Women's Cotton Knit Dress Luna Beige Oat

Women's pencil dress Luna

For an elegant and timeless look, the Luna pencil dress is the perfect choice. Made with 50% recycled cotton knit and 50% organic cotton, this dress not only embraces feminine curves in a comfortable way but also offers lightness and freshness all the time you wear it. The square neckline and links knit structure add a touch of sophistication, while the neutral colors, beige avena and gray antracite, make it versatile for any occasion, from the office to a romantic dinner.

Light, breathable, and high quality, the Luna dress is an essential must-have in your suitcase for your next seaside trip. Why not pair it with a recycled denim jacket for a cool summer evening? Or for a relaxing day exploring a new city.

Recycled Women's Cotton Knit Shorts Stella Cream Yellow

Women's recycled cotton shorts Stella

For a casual yet chic look, nothing compares to our Stella shorts. Made with 50% recycled cotton knit and 50% organic cotton, the Stella shorts offer unrivaled comfort and style. With a drawstring waist for a perfect fit and available in three vibrant colors, gray antracite, yellow crema, and beige avena, these shorts are ideal for days spent outdoors or for an outing with friends in the city.

Light, breathable, and durable, the Stella shorts are a must-have for a comfortable and fashionable summer, both in the city and at the beach. Try wearing them with a simple t-shirt or a tank top!

Recycled Women's Cotton Knit Wrap Skirt Cometa Oat Beige

Recycled cotton knit wrap skirt Cometa

Our Cometa wrap skirt perfectly combines elegance and sustainability. Made with 50% recycled cotton knit and 50% organic cotton, this skirt offers a feminine and versatile design that suits any occasion. The elastic waist provides a comfortable fit and is available in two classic colors, oat beige and anthracite gray.

This skirt is an essential addition to the wardrobe of any environmentally conscious woman. Light, breathable, and high quality, the Cometa skirt is a must-have for an elegant and sustainable summer, perfect for both a day in the city and a special evening.

Characteristics of organic and recycled cotton

Organic and recycled cotton are two distinct materials that share the goal of reducing the environmental impact of textile production.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals and its production respects the environment, promoting agricultural practices that drastically reduce water consumption.

Recycled cotton is obtained from recycled materials, such as pre-consumer or post-consumer fabrics, which are regenerated and transformed into new yarns. This process reduces the amount of textile waste and the environmental impact of producing new materials. Additionally, the yarn is durable, high quality, and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Both materials offer a sustainable solution for textile production, ensuring high-quality garments that respect the environment and the well-being of the people involved in the supply chain.

organic cotton and recycled cotton LCA impact

How to care for recycled cotton

To maintain the beauty and durability of our recycled cotton garments, it is important to follow some simple washing and care guidelines. For example, use gentle wash cycles and low temperatures to protect the fibers of the recycled cotton and preserve its softness.

Avoid harsh detergents or bleach that can damage recycled cotton, opting instead for gentle and biodegradable detergents to keep the fabric clean and fresh, such as our Fiori di Ulivo detergent, which can also be used in the washing machine. Additionally, excessive heat from the dryer can cause shrinkage and damage the fibers of recycled cotton.

It is recommended to air-dry garments flat to preserve their shape. If necessary, iron recycled cotton garments inside out at low temperatures to avoid damaging the fabric.

Store recycled cotton garments in cool, dry places to keep them at their best and make them last longer in our wardrobes.

Want to discover all Rifò's recycled cotton garments? Visit our online shop.

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