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Eco-sustainable gifts: the Rifò recycled cashmere collection

In the cities the lights are lighting up, temperatures are falling down day by day, the scent of cinnamon and hot chocolate embraces us and a thought is approaching: Christmas is coming.

Every year is the same: we want to choose the perfect gift for our beloved in time, but then the busy life leads us to buy the first thing we find.

And why does it happen? Because we always wait the last minute and we end up looking for the perfect gift on Christmas Eve.

Who has never felt uncomfortable giving a gift, knowing that it would have been used once or twice, or worse, it would have ended up in a waste dump or forgotten?

This year you can use Christmas to make a useful gift and to send to your loved ones a green message. At Rifò we are here for this. We want to help you find the perfect gift in advance!

After all, what's better than a fashionable garment or an eco-friendly accessory to give to our loved ones? An object from Rifò means sharing a new way of thinking about clothing, eco-sustainable and in contrast with the idea of a disposable fashion, favoring the world of independent fashion. A Rifò gift will remain.

So make yourself comfortable: our Gift Guide Rifò for an eco-logical and plastic free Christmas is here for you.

The upcycled cashmere winter collection

The new winter collection in uocycled cashmere presents a large number of items, all very soft and warm, perfect to be discarded in front of the Christmas tree.

We are certain that it will be precisely this characteristic that makes the heart of your loved ones.

Upcycled cashmere sweaters

The Roberto and Giulietta cashmere sweaters are comfortable classic crewnecks, both available in beige, blue, gray and red, plus the pink variant for Giulietta and green for Roberto.

The Francesca is characterized by a comfortable and wide fit, with the bicolor detail that gives it a unique style. Available in light and dark grey, blue and red, beige and gray.

The Salvatore model, on the other hand, presents a unique novelty: its knitwear is inspired by the motifs of the columns found inside the Duomo of Siena, and is available in blue, gray and green.

Finally the woman novelty of the autumn / winter 2019: Alda, a sweater with a refined design perfect for the day as for a special evening. You can find it in beige, black and gray.

These garments are composed of 97% upcycled cashmere wool and 3% upcycled wool.

Poncho cashmere

A poncho is a piece of clothing often underestimated, but that should not be missing in every woman's wardrobe.

In fact, it is perfect for those who want to stay warm without sacrificing style, and it is also very comfortable worn over a coat.

The Anna variant has a simple cut, particularly suitable for a sporty look, and it is available in gray, red and beige colors.

The Sophia model, bicolor, presents a more elegant and classic cut, particularly suitable for an evening outing or a special occasion. It is available in beige, blue and gray.

The Virna poncho, with its rhomboid cut and characterized by a very warm neck, it is perfect for those who love the contemporary North European style, and can wear it at any time. You can choose it in gray, brown and black.

Poncho Anna

Poncho Anna

Winter Accessories Guide Rifò

And for the little gifts? Among the Rifò accessories you have many choices!

Beanies and Headbands

The Marcello model, with a sporty design, is available in 14 different colors. It has a simple style, perfect for a trip out of town or a picnic in the woods.

The Ugo variant on the other hand comes from the same style of Virna poncho. It is available in three colors, gray, brown and black, and it is perfect for the most elegant looks.

For a younger look instead, we have designed the Vittorio model, with a simple and essential style, and it is perfect to be worn every day and for every occasions, from the happy hour with friends to everyday. It is available in blue, beige, light gray and dark gray colors.

Finally another novelty of the fall/winter 2019: the Amelia headband, a romantic but at the same time sophisticated style, which recalls the turbans of the 1920s divas. It is available in beige, burgundy, pink, black and pepper gray.


And for those who use the bicycle daily, what gift would you like for them? Obviously a pair of gloves or a scarf!

The Pier Paolo and Bernardo style are the two variants of Rifò gloves. Available in eight and six different colors, they are perfect for keeping our hands and fingers safe from the biting cold.

How do the two models differ? Simply with the bicolor that characterizes the Bernardo model.



Obviously the scarf cannot be missing. Who has never wanted a warm and soft cashmere scarf? Especially if it is made with upcycled cashmere that is good for the environment!

We have created three different models.

The Federico scarf, in 12 different colors, is our classic: with its particular finish it is suitable for everyone and can be worn on any occasion.

The Luchino model, available in beige, blue and gray, is a lighter scarf, recognizable by the contrasting color hem detail. It is perfect for a more elegant outfit and a special occasion, like a New Year's Eve dinner or a gala evening.

And Sergio, our thickest scarf: similar to Ugo beanie and the Poncho Virna, it is indicated for the coldest days. Elegant yet casual at the same time.

Cashmere socks

And to warm our feet in front of the fireplace? Eugenio socks, available in five colors! They are very soft and massive: a cuddle to keep us warm at home or to put on with a trekking shoes for a walk in the mountains.


But what should not be missing in a living room in winter is a warm blanket on the sofa, in wrap ourselves while watching a movie.

The Gina blanket, with its Fisherman work, is the most substantial and is perfect for snowy landscapes. The Monica blanket, lighter and characterized by a contrasting color, is perfect for festive afternoons with friends and family, while we enjoy hot tea or chocolate. While the Claudia blanket is like Linus's blanket: you can take it anywhere that will always keep you company. Perfect for any occasion, it is recognizable by the double contrasting color line on the edge and you can also use it as a shawl.

The Rifò Thermos

Finally THE sustainable gift, the thermos Rifò, to keep hot drinks but also fresh water and avoid buying plastic bottles. A little gift that will help the recipient to take the first step towards sustainability.

[caption id="attachment_21515" align="aligncenter" width="600"]

Thermos Rifò

Thermos Rifò[/caption]

Can't you decide? Choose the Rifò Giftcard

No fear, we have also thought about the eternal undecided.

Maybe you don't know enough about the person you want to give a gift to, or you would like her to choose the perfect regenerated cashmere garment.

What's better then a Gift Card? You can put aside the anxiety of the choice and still make a sustainable gift.

Yes, because the Rifò gift card is 100% digital. Simply order it and you will receive directly the code corresponding to your voucher by e-mail, so you can use it for many purchase. It can be used both online and in-store.


A Rifò gift is a gift that thinks about the environment and its preservation.

Choosing a Rifò gift means protecting the planet, allowing our loved ones to wear an original, quality and certified garment.

In fact, thanks to the processing of old cashmere garments that are recycled instead of being thrown away, we create new quality and eco-sustainable garments.

Every choice we make, however small it may seem, has a strong impact on the health of our planet.

What are you waiting for? Go to our online store to see our collection.

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