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The winter collection in cashmere by Rifò: ethical fashion, sustainable and extremely comfortable

Streets are covered with more lights, November is about to end and soon the firs will appear in our living rooms.

Christmas is coming and this means mostly one thing: presents.

Every year, the same story: what to donate to our beloved?

This year we want to give you some advice that, besides making the recipients happy, will let you give an important hand to the safeguard of the planet.

We are talking about our new upcycled cashmere collection.

What could be better than receiving a fashion and sustainable garment?

Now make yourself comfortable and let’s discover together what you’ll find in the new collection.

The new Rifò upcycled cashmere collection

The new cashmere collection is made by a great number of products.

Now let’s try to order them and discover what the perfect present might be.

And why not? You could also think about a little present for yourself.

Upcycled Cashmere sweater

maglioncino cashmere sostenibile circolare 4

Roberto and Giulietta are two comfortable and classical round-necked cashmere sweaters, available in two colors: blue and light grey.

These cashmere garments are composed for the 97% by upcycled cashmere and for the 3% by upcycled wool.

These materials represent the perfection for the winter season, capable of warming your body and still keeping it fresh.

Have a look at our upcycled cashmere sweater on the store.

Upcycled cashmere poncho

Poncho Magnani Grigio 2

The upcycled cashmere Poncho is perfect for a woman who wants to go out or just to work with a garment to keep her warm with style.

In this case we have three different types: upcycled cashmere poncho Sofia, upcycled cashmere poncho Anna and upcycled cashmere poncho Virna.

Upcycled cashmere poncho Anna is characterized by a very simple style, a sporty and comfortable design: it is perfect for a walk down the centre with some friends.

You can find it in 3 different colors: beige, bordeaux and light grey, to adapt it to your tastes and your style.

Upcycled cashmere poncho Sofia is more elegant than the previous one, with a thin difference in the color of the neck.

Perfect to go to work or for a night out. it is available in four different colors: grey, green, beige and blue.

Finally, upcycled cashmere poncho Virna, that is completely different from the other two, thanks to a rhombus shape and a more showy neck that covers your throat as it was a scarf.

It has nothing to envy to the other models speaking about style.

You can use it for an important evening or just for work.

Also this upcycled cashmere poncho is available in three colors: grey, brown and black.

Have a look to our upcycled cashmere ponchos on the store.

Upcycled cashmere beanie


What better garment than a upcycled cashmere beanie for a Christmas present?

Our collection considers three different models of hats, both for men and women.

Starting from Marcello upcycled cashmere beanie, characterized by a sporty style, very light and comfortable to wear. It is available in five colors: blue, beige, brown beige, green, bordeaux and bordeaux-beige.

Then there is the Ugo upcycled cashmere beanie, a shorter hat that doesn’t need the turn-up like the previous model. A style that recalls the classic hand-stitched beanie with a unique style.

It is extremely light and easy to wear, available in three colors: grey, brown and black.

Finally, the last one that may be the perfect present for an adolescent.

The Vittorio upcycled cashmere beanie, characterized by a younger design and a thin coloured stripe at the base of the hat. It is available in three different colors: beige, blue and grey.

Have a look at the upcycled cashmere beanie on the store.

Upcycled cashmere gloves

Guanti Pier Paolo - Marroni

Now that you found your hat to keep you warm, you can’t miss the upcycled cashmere gloves!

This year Rifò has included upcycled cashmere gloves too in its winter collection, that are available both for men and women, differing only for the sizes: 8 cm for men and 6 cm for women.

Despite the most important thing is to keep your hands warm, we haven’t forgotten to focus on the style too.

There are two different types of upcycled cashmere gloves: Bernardo gloves and Pier Paolo gloves.

The first ones are distinguished from the second ones for the double coloured wrist. The available colors are: beige, blue, black, grey and brown.

Upcycled cashmere beanie plus gloves could make the perfect match: what do you think?

Maybe something is missing. the upcycled cashmere scarf!

Have a look at the upcycled cashmere cashmere gloves on the store.

Upcycled cashmere scarf

sciarpa visconti beige uomo


Also in this case we have three different models of upcycled cashmere scarfs, both for men and women: Federico, Luchino and Sergio.

Federico upcycled cashmere scarf is available in four different colors: blu beige, bordeaux, brown beige and green. A simple garment, characterized by an elegant style.

Luchino upcycled cashmere scarf represents instead a lighter garment that manages to have a much more elegant style. Perfect to wear for a gala night.

It is available in beige, blue and grey.

Finally, the Sergio upcycled cashmere scarf, that stands out from the other two because it is heavier and warmer, perfect for cold winter days with style.

It is available in grey, brown and black.

Now we may have the perfect match: upcycled cashmere beanie, gloves and a scarves.

A classic idea for a gift but that leaves a mark.

And what about the cozy moment spent at home?

Let yourself be covered by the softness of our fabrics even when you decide to stay inside, thanks to our upcycled cashmere socks and blankets.

Have a look at our upcycled cashmere socks on the store.

Upcycled cashmere socks

Calzini cashmere - Mario_blu

Now let’s talk about upcycled cashmere socks: the first items of clothing we think about in the morning when we wake up with chilly feet.

Rifò offers to you Mario upcycled cashmere socks, both for men and women. You can choose between five different colors: beige, blue, bordeaux, grey and brown.

Have a look to upcycled cashmere socks on the store.

Upcycled cashmere blanket

Lollobrigida Grigio

Finally the cult accessory for spending your holidays warm: the upcycled cashmere blanket.

We have created it thinking about those long afternoons spent watching movies on the sofa, eating cookies and drinking a cup of tea while the blankets protect you from the cold temperatures of the winter.

Also in this case, we offer you plenty of choices: more than three different types and five colors between which you can choose: beige, bordeaux, grey, brown and black.

Have a look at the upcycled cashmere blanket on our store.

Why buying from Rifò?

As we have mentioned before, buying the new collection, besides making the recipient of your gift or yourself happier, you will make a better action for the planet. Slow fashion is far better than Fast fashion for our environment.

All the garments that have been listed above have in common is a very important factor: the processing.

Rifò fabrics are composed of 97% of upcycled cashmere and 3% of upcycled wool.

Choosing Rifò is important for many reasons.

The first one is surely the protection of the environment.

This choice also gives you back the taste of wearing a certified and high-quality garment.

Life is changing rapidly and with fast fashion disrupting our planet we have lost the pleasure of dressing up.

With Rifò you can feel the emotion of enjoying your garment.

Wearing Rifò means taking a step back to the origins, enjoying the moment and being conscious about our own choices and its consequences on the environment.

With Rifò you won’t produce negative effects on the environment around you, thanks to the processing of old cashmere garments that, instead of being thrown away, will be reused to give life to new sustainable and high-quality garments.


We’ve seen together the composition of the new recycled cashmere collection for the winter and mostly the meaning of choosing this kind of items.

The choices we make every day, as little as they may seem, have an enormous impact on our planet.

Choosing a project like this is an important step for the environment’s health.

Which one of our upcycled cashmere garments likes you the most?

Let us know with a comment below.

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