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Sustainable gifts for everyone and every budget: Rifò’s selection

Christmas is just around the corner and so is the gift fever.

Wait, wait, wait. Before starting the shopping, we should consider all the reckless purchases that may end up in the regifting corner. Circular economy and environmental sustainability are awesome, but this is not exactly the case ;)

All jokes aside, let’s take the time to make things right, with the heart. We at Rifò are introducing our list of gift ideas for different budgets because we believe that sustainable fashion can be affordable too.

Remember, the delivery for your Rifò orders within Christmas is only guaranteed for the orders placed by December 18th.

SPOILER ALERT: for the pictures in this guide we asked for the special participation of some of those who joined the Rifò open casting. None of them were harmed during this Christmas shooting.

Ready? Here’s Rifò guide to Christmas sustainable and useful presents:

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Small gifts up to 40 euros

We picked the most interesting items from the recycled cashmere F/W 22-23 accessories.

The super warm Clarice headband, for example, which is made of a recycled cashmere 3-ply thread, or its twin, the plain-colored headband Amelia.

In this price range, another Rifò classic is to be found. The recycled cashmere gloves are available in two sizes -for men and for women- and many colors. A real comfort when the cold starts to bite your hands.

🎁Find out all Rifò gift ideas up to 40€ on this page

regali natale sostenibili fino a 40 euro

Here you can also find ideas made of other recycled and sustainable materials, just as recycled cotton t-shirts and and shawls, or zero-waste socks - which are made using the very last leftovers of our production.

Accessories from 40 up to 80 euros

Among Rifò accessories, you will find many other interesting low-budget options, such as the Filippo neck warmer, the Arsenio balaclava and the Ted woolen baseball cap.

Balaclava e scaldacollo cashmere rigenerato Rifò

Let's go off topic for a moment, as the following garments belong to a higher price range. Did you notice the stunning recycled wool cloth coats in these shots? The Cocoon shaped Mara coat and the kimono Ginko coat for women, the Achab peacoat for men. Take a look!

idee regalo accessori sostenibili

Alternatively, you can choose from many recycled cashmere accessories, such as Marcello, Galileo and Leonardo beanies, which are a perfect match with Federico and Sandro scarf. Either combined or mixed and matched.

completi cappellino sciarpa rifò

The unisex recycled wool sweaters are from 79 to 89 euros.

Oversized fit for her and regular for him. These sweaters are made of 100% recycled wool yarn we are very proud of, as it is our very first time using a completely recycled yarn - which allows us to offer a very competitive price.

We chose this new material to attain a more affordable sustainable alternative. What do you think about it? Any idea who they might be perfect for?

Recycled cashmere garments for less than 140 euros

Here’s a selection of some garments made of our precious recycled cashmere - great gift ideas (a little) over 100€.

For her:
The sleeveless high-neck vest Matilde for 99€.
The women sweaters Caterina and Giulietta from 109 up to 119€.
Ada, the unmissable high-neck sweater for 115€.
For him:
The refined striped sweater Michelangelo for 139€.
The classic crew-neck sweater Romeo, 119€.
The ribbed sweater Carlo, 125€
Do you know we also have unisex recycled cashmere garments? If this idea piques your interest, you should have a look at the beautiful and super warm Dante sweater, made of 3-ply cashmere yarn, for 135€.

The fine light cashmere, from 165 euros

This light cashmere capsule collection is made of an even finer material compared to our classic recycled cashmere. Once this new garn was born, we were able to create garments with refined and lightweight weaves.

light cashmere rifò

Light cashmere garments are made of 70% recycled cashmere, 5% recycled wool, and 25% virgin cashmere, which is needed to create knitted fabrics that are so light to the touch yet super warm to wear.

Light cashmere Rifò idee regali natale

These knitwear garments are the perfect gifts, valuable and sustainable at the same time.
Let’s reveal our favorites:
Polo sweater Attilio, with its super classy 70s vibe. (Would you like to know it? It flew off the shelves as a unisex item!)
The Isotta crew-neck, with flared bottom and sleeves,
Its V-neck sister Agnese
The very elegant high-neck Alberto

The Rifò kids collection from 25 euros

Did you already notice Rifò novelties worn by little Asia in these shots?

It’s our recycled cashmere kids line. The perfect sustainable (and useful) gift for all “rifolutionary” kids, to be with them step by step and maybe become one of their tenderest childhood memories.

The Rifò kids capsule includes the old-school braided sweater Giovannino (95 €), and the more sporty Rifolutioner sweater (89 €), which sizes go from 4 to 10 years old.

Furthermore, we created accessory sets in cheerful, matching colors.It’s Marcellino beanie, Giacomino scarf, and Dieghino gloves.

Completo cappellino sciarpa e guantini sostenibili Rifò

🎁Take a look at the entire Rifò kids collection here and find your sustainable present from 25€

Rifò home collection from 18 euros

Why not give a sustainable home textile accessory instead of a garment?

Over the last few months, at Rifò we have been working precisely in this area, enriching a category that is often not given enough consideration when it comes to textile sustainability, despite actually playing its part in environmental impact.

This is how our sustainable home table was born. It’s made with recycled jeans yarn and with cotton at the same time, 50% recycled and 50% organic..

La tavola sostenibile di Rifò

If all you want for your or someone else’s Christmas is a warm, wrap-around blanket, we have options for all budgets.

Recycled and brushed cotton blankets (70-75 euros)

Plaid cotone felpato idee regalo

The Elide braided blanket, made of recycled cashmere (215 €) and its combined pillow cover Nedo (59€).

idea regalo coperta cashmere rigenerato Elide

🎁Discover Rifò home collection here

 The natural detergent Olive tree Flowers, formulated for the most delicate garments

It was designed to clean and care for the most precious recycled fibers such as cashmere, wool and silk, and above all for the environment! Olive tree Flowers has a light scent of essential olive oil and it is also:

  • Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan 
  • Anti-waste

sapone capi delicati Fiori di Olivo

🎁Discover Rifò natural detergent for delicate garments

Textile Tours - the discovery of textile recycling as a gift

Just saying, what if we give an all-around experience instead of a physical object? A real journey through the production processes of the textile industry? With Cap Viaggi travel agency, we created Textile Tours precisely to lead people to the discovery of cenciaiolis’ work. These artisans are the ones who are responsible for sorting out old garments and industrial scraps which are later given a new life.

Textile Tours Prato

Here you can find out more about Textile Tours.

On this page, you can book a place for yourself or the recipient of your gift. The next scheduled event is on Saturday, March 18th.Tickets are limited to a maximum of 40 participants - and generally sell like crazy!

🎁Book a Textile Tour as a gift

Gift cards for sustainable gifts from 30 up to 200 euros

If you still have no clue, the only card you have left to play is the gift card. With a digital Rifò gift card you can let others decide, no matter what your budget is. There are many options you can choose from, from 30€ up to 200€. Once purchased, you can either email it directly to your loved ones or give it to them in person.

Idee regalo natale giftcard abbigliamento sostenibile

🎁 Rifò giftcard from 30€

Rifò carded pictures

Real artworks made in Rifò. Plexiglass carded pictures in recycled fibers. They're sustainable works of art created by our explosive designer Lia. Great limited editions to decorate your home.

quadri cardati Rifò idea regalo

🎁 Rifò carded picture as a gift

Rifò’s wish for this Christmas

Did you find our 2022 gift guide useful? We created it because we would like every small gift to be the beginning of a new story. This is what we think about every time we design new products and think of new ways to involve you in our circular processes.

May this festive season be a new chance to look at the essential, at the excitement of small things. Happy holidays from Rifò team

Buone feste dal team Rifò

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