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More then a brand: a project

We want to be the first brand in Italy that produces clothing with recycled materials and at the same time we want to offer a service to people to dispose of their old clothes, so that they are transformed into new products. Rifò is also a circular economy project, the bridge between different realities that care about the environment and about saving natural resources. We collaborate with local companies that have been dealing with textile recycling for years to give individuals the opportunity to contribute to a circular economy project.

To deepen the theme of old clothes recycling we also created a Youtube series.

Discover it here! 


The importance of composition

The recycling of textile fibers is possible when the garments are 95-100% composed of a single material, virgin or recycled. A virgin cashmere fiber can be recycled up to about 5 times. While jeans cotton up to 3 times. Choosing cotton or wool garments that do not have large percentages of synthetic materials means to give your clothes a new life.

Recycled and recyclable garments

In order not to interrupt the circular economy cycle and to promote the recycling of textile fibers, Rifò mainly produces recycled and recyclable garments. Some examples of our composition labels?
Here they are:
The Rifò cashmere sweater: 95% recycled cashmere, 5% merino wool.
Rifò cotton denim sweater: 80% recycled denim cotton, 15% natural cotton, 5% other fibers.
Rifò beach towel: 80% recycled cotton, 20% natural cotton Rifò T-shirt: 52% recycled cotton, 48% polyethylene obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles.

We are always looking for materials that meet our values, allowing us to create a quality product.
For cotton for example, we had to add a percentage of virgin fibers to give resistance to the garment.
While for the t-shirts, it is currently not possible to create one of this finesse with 100% recycled cotton, so the t-shirt has a percentage of synthetic composition. We tried to test a 100% recycled cotton version, but at the firts wash it shrunk so much that it was not wearable.

What are "other fibers"

A yarn or a recycled fabric cannot have a 100% composition. In fact, there is always a variable quantity of other fibers, due to the yarn used for stitching and other details which is incorporated in the recycling process but cannot be traced. For this reason, a very small percentage, between 3% and 5%, is defined as "other fibers", often made up of polyester or polyamide. Being minimal, these materials, do not affect the quality of the garment or the possibility of recycling it again.


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