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The Avant-garde Jacket


Because we imagine a future where there’s no need to use virgin resources.

Ernesto, the male avant-garde jacket and Greta, the female one, take inspiration for their design from the workwear. They are dedicated to two visionary figures of the 1920s: Ernesto Thayat and Greta Garbo, absolute forerunners in fashion and lifestyle.

Love your denim

Don't forget to do everything with passion.

From old jeans to a new yarn

Our denim jacket is made ethically and sustainably.
We use a yarn made of 80% recycled cotton, 15% natural cotton and 5% other fibers *.
The color is the original one from of the old jeans, since the new fiber is not colored again. This lead to reduce water consumption and the chemicals used during production.

* OTHER FIBERS: The different types of yarn used in the seams of the old jeans which are incorporated into the new yarn during the recycling process. For this reason it is not possible to specify their composition.

A "Rifolutionary" fabric

Every single textile detail of the Avant-garde Jacket fabric is designed and developed by Rifò: from the fabric to the ribbon. After five months of study and work, we created a denim made from recycled jeans. The Avant-garde jacket is the first Rifò garment for which we have also developed the fabric, which reminds a more elegant version of denim. Compared to the most popular denim, the appearance is more three-dimensional, the hand is softer and fuller, but the weight is equal to the one of ordinary jeans.

Nice to know: The reverse of our fabric is not white, as in the virgin fiber denim, but light blue. In fact, it is not possible to obtain the white color from recycled denim without bleaching it through chemicals.

Produced locally, only 250 metres from our office!

The Avant-Garde Jacket is made at 250 meters from our office: more local then this was not possible! Even the fabric, entirely developed by Rifò, was produced in Prato, a few kilometers from us.

As with all Rifò garments, we try to enhance local companies and to create new job opportunities. This allows us to minimize the CO2 due to the production of new clothing.

Workwear inspiration

We had fun designing a jacket made to last, with a contemporary design that recalled the 1900s world of workwear.

While varying in some details for the Greta and Ernesto versions, the avant-garde jacket has one characteristic: it is robust and made to last.

The little details that make the difference

What defines our denim jacket as avanguardista


Wide internal and external pockets to carry your smartphone or your wallet.

Greta has two external side pockets, one of whose with a snap botton, and two other internal pockets.

Ernesto has three external pockets with little hoodies, one of whose placed on the chest. It has also two big side pockets with a snap botton.


Our man's jacket Ernesto has another sophisticated detail which recalls the workwear inspiration style: namely, we put on the superior external pocket a cartridge holder for pens and tools, made from recycled jeans yarn.


The snap buttons of the Avant-garde jacket are placed both at the front cannon as a closure and on the cuff and at the bottom of the jacket to change the width as comfortable and easy as possible. We have selected them by choosing nickel free materials and with a bronzed galvanized finish made in a sustainable way for the environment and people's health.

Denim Ribbon

The details on the Avant-garde jeans jacket are made with a ribbon, made from recycled jeans yarn as well. The ribbon aims is to support the fabric and it prevents the internal deterioration of the fabric, as they used to do in the past with pant's hem.


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