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The Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Original gift ideas for everyone

It's not easy to offer useful and sustainable Christmas gifts that do not contribute to an overconsumption economic system. That's why we've curated our selection of responsible gift ideas. These gifts not only provide an item but also convey a manifesto, delivering a message of change aimed at reducing environmental impact.

Original Gift Accessories

If you think the recipient of your gift has eclectic tastes but you want to stay within a moderate budget, we also have a selection of original accessories, all made from recycled cashmere: the balaclava (€59), the aviator beanie with ears (€49), the elegant long gloves (€55), the fisherman beanie (€45)

Small gifts and classic accessories for everyone

It's possible to give meaningful gifts even to people with more discerning tastes without spending too much: choose classic evergreen accessories that are easy to wear, and suitable for everyone because they are unisex. Who wouldn't appreciate a cashmere beanie (from €45 to €55), or a warm scarf or stole (from €65 to €89) made with quality and sustainable materials? Or some colorful gloves or mittens (€39), also made from recycled cashmere.

Christmas Gift ideas for women

A wool or cashmere sweater is always a valuable gift for your partner, fiancee, mom, friend, or sister. At Rifò, we specialize in artisanal and sustainable knitwear Made in Italy. Our garments are made with fibers recycled from old clothes, hence having a low impact on the environment. Explore our selection of women's sweaters, ponchos, and dresses in cashmere (from 109 to 209 €), wool (from 99 to 125 €), cotton and jeans (from 59 to 105 €), or recycled silk (from 89 to 125 €). 

Unique Christmas gifts for men

Finding unique Christmas gifts for men, beautiful and meaningful can be a challenge. As you seek the perfect option, consider gifts that reflect his interests and personality, never overlooking the ethical aspect. This is where Rifò sweaters come in handy: from the simplest to the most sought-after, all our garments are made with ethical and high-value materials. Discover our recycled cashmere and wool sweaters (from 109 to 245 €) if the gift recipient loves soft and warm clothing, or recycled cotton or jeans (from 69 to 99 €) if they are more practical and very sensitive to cold.

Christmas gifts for grown-ups and little ones

A coordinated Christmas gift for moms, dads, and kids? We have it! The unisex 100% recycled wool sweater Remo (€125) and the Valentino sweater for girls and boys (€89), both in 100% recycled wool. A fun and colorful idea for a meaningful and sustainable gift, made with an eco-responsible material and low environmental impact: its composition actually saves 99% of water compared to a traditional wool sweater.

Gift ideas for kids

If you want to give a gift to a boy or girl aged 4 to 10, you can opt for  a sweater in recycled wool or cashmere, or for cute accessories, such as sets consisting of a hat, scarf, and gloves, or zero waste hats, made from recycled cashmere, at a really affordable price (€25).
Sustainability is learned from an early age, and choosing quality, soft, irritation-free materials that can last a long time is a meaningful and unique choice, always.

Christmas gift ideas for the table

If the recipient of your gift appreciates the art of mise en place and also values material sustainability, you can choose from various table options we created using recycled and organic cotton fabric, with a pattern that we designed and printed using water-based dyes. Tablecloth, runner, placemats, napkins in warm and cozy colors, featuring a micro check pattern inspired by nature.

Christmas gift ideas for your home

In addition to the tableware collection, we've also thought of a truly perfect item to gift everyone: the cozy brushed recycled cotton blankets made with local colorful patterns. The size is 140 x 180 cm, making them ideal companions for couch cuddles or unique bed covers. Not sold on the blanket idea? We've also crafted soft ponchos with the same patterns and materials.

A giftcard

The Christmas gift that pleases everyone.
Let the recipient choose their preferred sustainable clothing item by offering them a Rifò prepaid gift card. Whether for a thoughtful gesture or a more significant gift, from €30 up to €200 in value, you won't risk mistakes due to size or personal preferences.


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