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Recycled Cotton Placemat Botanic Check


Dimensions: 33 x 45 cm

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Placemat made of 100% sustainable cotton fabric, 50% recycled from industrial surplus, 50% organic. Multicolor print on water basis with floral pattern.

  • Size: 33 x 45 cm 

MULTIPACK DISCOUNT: Buy at least 2 placemats and get a 10% discount.


COMPOSITION: 50% recycled cotton from production surplus, 50% organic cotton. This certified yarn contains a greater content of organic, virgin cotton, which enabled the creation of a 100% sustainable and recyclable garment.

WASHING CARE: To take care of our home textile in recycled cotton wash it separately at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle or by hand. You can also dry clean and tumble dry. Click here for more information on how to take care of Rifò garments.


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2 YEARS LOVE LASTS WARRANTY: All Rifò garments are handcrafted with passion, respecting high quality standards. If, during two years from the purchase, you ever find a manufacturing imperfection in Rifò products, we will repair them and return them to you as new. For more information, visit this page

What you can do by purchasing this garment

Support our values and a fair economy

TRANSPARENT PRICES Our prices reflect our values, which encompass the entire supply chain:

Quality, as we choose to produce in Italy, valuing the work of artisans and utilizing natural and biodegradable materials. Sustainability, as we use low-impact, recycled and recyclable yarns, and produce our garments within a 30 km radius of our office.** Responsibility**, because we believe in fair wages and respect for the rights of those who make our clothes.

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Take part in the circular economy


This garment is made with yarn derived from the recycling of industrial cotton surplus, which is blended with organic cotton.

The organic cotton comes from non-intensive cultivation methods that do not deplete the soil and require much less water. Overall, this material allows for significant resource savings compared to genetically modified cotton that is engineered for higher productivity.

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Support local artisans


Rifò's home collection accessories are handcrafted by La Medicea, Sandra's family-run workshop located in the province of Pistoia. Here, with her sons and husband, she carries on a tradition of home linen production that has been handed down for decades.

In 2022, we initiated a supply chain sustainability monitoring project focusing on social sustainability aspects with the help of the auditing company Bureau Veritas. By 2025, we aim to subject all our clothing suppliers to this verification, including La Medicea, to ensure that we prioritize social responsibility and sustainability across all aspects of our business.

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Contribute to our social project


For every purchase made on our online shop, we donate €2 to the social impact project Nei Nostri Panni. This project aims to safeguard the artisanal skills of textile recycling in Prato, which are at risk of being lost without a new generation taking up these crafts. The donation will contribute to funding paid training for migrants coming from local reception centers. This initiative combines social integration with the preservation of traditional craftsmanship."

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