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Rifò Green Week 2022

We try to work with the lowest possible environmental impact, choosing local production and with sustainable fibers. 

But this is not enough. The presale system allows us to avoid overproduction by forecasting orders and meeting the real demand of people. 

What about you?

Our opinion on Black Friday is no secret.

But what do people think? Shopkeepers, experts, and ordinary people too.

Is there a real benefit in participating in these off-season discounts or is it a stretch with negative impacts on the small-scale economy?

This time around, we do not just want to share our opinion, and we questioned our circle to gather different points of view that go beyond rhetoric and communication campaigns. 

What about environment?

Spending less thanks to sales is just an illusion.

Black Friday generates an immense amount of waste and a disproportionate increase in the mobilization of goods on the road.

Before buying, ask yourself: "Do I really need what I'm buying? Who decides?"

Black Friday is only convenient for large chains, for those who have a lot of unsold stock to dispose of, but not for small traders.

These are often affected by Black Friday, because it ruins the Christmas sales period, concentrating all purchases in a few days.

Why don't we also recover the size of the city, the relationship with the owner of a small shop and the pleasure of seeing local businesses flourish?


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