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Recycled Cotton Jeans Sweatpants Man Jesse

1° generation

€79,00 €63,00

Pre-order delivery by: 26/05/2021

Isacco is 1.90 m tall, he weighs 90kg and wears an XL

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Jesse men's cotton sweatpants are made from old recycled jeans transformed into a new yarn. We designed specifically this 100% cotton jersey fabric, which has a compact structure, and makes these joggers much more resistant to tension, and therefore less prone to sagging, than a common tracksuit pant. The texture is robust and consistent but not plush inside. So it is fresh on the skin and perfect for mid season.

  • Regular fit
  • Resistant pockets, lined with soft jersey
  • External drawstring
  • Soft jersey sweat guard inside the collar
  • Breathable fabric

COMPOSITION: 24% recycled cotton from old jeans, 41% recycled cotton from industrial waste, 28% organic cotton, 7% virgin cotton.

WASHING: To take better care of the recycled jeans sweatpants, wash it at 30 degrees with a delicate program or by hand. This way you will be sure to keep the color of the jeans intact. In fact, just like pants, it is likely to slightly lighten over time.

Jesse men's sweatpants were made by Paola and Andrea in the family laboratory. The fabric was designed entirely by Rifò and woven with circular looms for jersey in Prato.

The recycled cotton yarn from old jeans that we used is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, for the recycled part, and OCS (Organic Content Standard) for the organic cotton.

For every purchase on our online shop we donate € 2 to a social impact project. Choose the association you prefer at check-out. Find out more about the projects here.

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2 YEARS LOVE LASTS WARRANTY: All Rifò garments are handcrafted with passion, respecting high quality standards. If, during two years from the purchase, you ever find some manufacturing imperfection in Rifò products, we will repair them and return them to you as new. For more information visit this page

The recycled jeans sweatpants Jesse


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Delivery by: 26/05/2021

Pre-order ends 5 days before the delivery date.


The garments of Rifò's cotton suits are inspired by some athletes who demonstrated through their careers ** the universal value of sports disciplines**, where talent and passion are worth more than inequalities.

For the men's trousers we chose the sprinter Jesse Owens, who won 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympics. They took places in Nazi Berlin, under the eyes of Adolf Hitler.

How they are made

The right side of the recycled jeans sweatshirt is made with a recycled yarn from old jeans, while the padding in contact with the skin, which gives weight and substance to the fabric, is made from 100% recycled cotton from industrial waste.

Environmental impact

Thanks to the organic cotton, this jersey fabric reduces at least of 28% pesticides and harmful chemicals used in cotton cultivation.

We can say the same of recycled cotton, which represents 65% of this fabric overall. As it is recycled, not even one centimeter of agricultural land has been used for its production. Also the consumption of resources and energy, due to its original cultivation, is thus reduced by 50%.

Who made them

In his laboratory in Prato Andrea has been making jersey garments for a lifetime. This is why we chose him for our recycled denim jumpsuits.

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