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Our Team



We like keeping up with times and staying updated on what’s happening around us.


Our desktops are always a disaster, but that’s where our best ideas were born!


We are committed every day to promote a change of course towards a more sustainable reality for our planet.


We are Italian (and most of all Tuscanian), so our love for good food is not a surprise!

Who we are

Our team is made both of young and expert people.
From this contamination we take the strenght to face new challenges everyday.

Niccolò (the restless)Founder

Niccolò never stops, he always works: occasionally he even falls asleep in the office or he stares into space, his favourite painting.

Sometimes he doesn’t listen to you, he gets lost in his thoughts, where may he be? You call him again and again and he doesn’t answer or worse: he answers “yes” but he wasn’t listening.

His biggest passion is cinema, he never stops watching movies or mentioning them. Another of his passion is walking in the woods: his father Dante transmitted it to him since he was a kid, when they went together seeking for mushrooms and asparagus.

Niccolò firmly believes that everyone can make a difference, step by step.

Daniele (the operational)Product Developer

Daniele once stepped by accident on Camilla’s foot. She immediately asked: “What’s your sign? Are you a Pisces?”.
She was totally right!

Daniele believes he is lucky: he managed to work with people he like doing a job he loves.
Unfortunately this makes time run faster… but surely he doesn’t get bored while seeking for new fabrics or way to produce new clothes.

He always tries to do what he loves, with the purpose to build something.

Daniele thinks that creating is the best way to change things with the will to improve them.

Chiara (the vegetarian one)Fashion Designer

Chiara, is our designer. Finally a vegetarian in the group!

she Lives with her always head in the clouds: every single detail that she notices in the world around her bring her off on a journey to unknown worlds. When it happens he stays with his gaze: it seems that he looks at you badly, but actually she does not even see you.

When he doesn't draw she gets lost in many other projects: one day it is photography, another cooking, gardening, writing...

Whenever she gets the chance she goes to the sea, she plunge into the water, rearranges her ideas and then let her fantasy go. She thinks she was a fish in a previous life. Probably she really was.
Her motto? Grace and kindness will save the world.

Andrea (the singer)Product Developer

If there is a problem to be managed or a solution to be found, there is Andrea. He gets into the Rifò van and goes to our artisans to understand what is happening, making sure that everything goes in the right direction.

Tempted by Trello, but old school at heart: without his handwritten notes and physical folders he is lost. In reality, everyone in the office craves them!

If you find him on the street singing on the phone don't worry, he is a singer and he is probably recording some notes to write his next song.

He sees his life as a magnificent "mid-air flight" and through his music he can say what he often does not express differently.

Martina (the meticulous)Communication designer

Serial “to do list” compiler, infusios lover, meditative and nostalgic since she was born.
In life, just like in what she does at work, she loves to be in a “team” because that gives her the self-confidence that isn’t part of her personality.

While everyone’s dream is a vacation on a Caribbean beach, her secret wish is to see the Northern lights. Her favourite season is, in fact, winter.

Her biggest passion is photography. She loves pressing the camera button and moving around the subject to change points of view.
She likes stopping by to observing details that no one ever notice. She hates, instead, being on the other side of the camera.

Eleonora (the fact-checker)Communication Specialist

If doubt were a reign, of course Eleonora would be the queen. She examines and doubts everything, from the choice of haircut to the best marketing strategy.All this accompanied by the joy of argumentation and criticism, probably due to the fact that she is also half French.

She is curious and stubborn, so that when she comes up with an idea, nothing can discourage her from trying even several times, like the time she was willing to make mayonnaise and she tried five times in a row after succeeding.

She likes walking in nature, Asian cuisine, vintage in all its forms.

and of course writing, his main task for Rifò. She is constantly guided by this conviction: the means is the message, but the means without the message is like an empty box.

Bianca (from Barcelona)Video Content Creator

Back in Florence after a few years in Barcelona, where she has focused her interest in sustainable fashion, Bianca is the new entry in Rifò's communication team.

Order freak or chronic disorderly? She is still trying to understand it, but in the meantime she practices therapeutic decluttering throughout the office.

From an early age she played with the first webcams, which probably only recorded in black and white. One day she would like to merge all the most important frames of her life into a unique video.

And... the most important thing: the videos cannot be edited without a little chocolate treat after lunch. No chocolate, no concentration.

Lara (the cosmopolitan girl)Customer Service
Lara is the latest new entry in the Rifò Team and the person to look for when you need a hand. She is the one answering the phone at the office. Patience, joyful and polyglot: she's the perfect customer service officer. Discreet, but just at a first sight, she is actually very curious and has a thousand interests. She loves foreign languages and cultures. She loves travelling, and he certainly wouldn't refuse the possibility of making an intergalactic one! The other half of her passions is belly dancing, an activity that has enriched her enormously.
Michele (Gianni)Shipping Manager
Warmth and kindness distinguish Michele. He is the one who packages all the e-commerce purchases and manages the shipments. If you ever happen to come across one of his emails regarding an order, you will know it for the impeccable and direct service. Also named Gianni: there are some legends about his real name that he has decided to feed to enhance that mystery aura that distinguishes it, together with its inseparable tuft on the eyes. But be careful, he doesn't want to be called a surfer, also because he doesn't even know how to swim. In his spare time he is a gamer, an e-car designer and an intrepid fisherman... even if he think he should have been most of all a cyclist at Giro d'Italia.
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