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Levi's® and Rifò


From efforts towards increasingly sustainable production processes, from a common vision of durability and reuse of garments, from the same interest in the emotional value of a piece of clothing... 

The collaboration between Levi's® and Rifò stems from all these common points.

From old jeans to an upcycled bucket

Our first upcycling experiment from old jeans collected in collaboration with Levi's® is a patchwork bucket. Each upcycled Rifò hat is a unique piece, born from the creative combination of different parts of old jeans.

These accessories are manufactured by Flo Concept, a Florentine sewing shop with a social vocation.

A social project

For this initiative Flo Concept will donate the proceeds deriving from the processing of used garments to a work grant in the tailoring sector.

As always, Flo is committed to supporting and enhancing the autonomy of people in fragile condition, and it is precisely to them that they will give the work grant.