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Jeans Collection


Re-Think your jeans is a collaborative circular economy project, which will allow you to insert your old jeans in the recycling process, putting into practice the principles of ethical and sustainable fashion. All garments from 95 to 100% denim cotton are compatible with the collection, with a tolerance of up to 5% of other fibers and elastene. The service is active for Italy at the moment but we are planning to extend it soon to other countries.

How does it work?

  1. Select the old jeans verifying their composition
  2. Take them to the NaturaSì collection points that adhere to the initiative
  3. You will receive a 10 € Rifò discount voucher to be spent in our online shop
  4. If you bring more than three pairs of jeans you will have a free recycled denim cotton shopper

Collection points

You can find the Re-Think your jeans boxes in 5 NaturaSì shops:

  • via Emilia Est 218/a – 43123 Parma (PR)
  • via La Spezia 72/a – 43125 Parma (PR)
  • Via Valentini 28 – 59100 Prato (PO)
  • Viale C. Del Prete 347 – 55100 Lucca (LU)
  • viale Adua 239/C-D – 51100 Pistoia (PT)

What happens after the collection

"We have joined 3 realities to create a sustainable production model: -NaturaSì, the most important network of biological supermarkets in Italy.
-Recooper, a network of social cooperatives that deal with the selection of old clothes.
-Pinori Filati, a Prato-based company that produces recycled yarn.
Once collected in the Naturasì stores that adhere to Re-think your jeans, the old denim cotton clothes will be included in the recycling process: they will be selected by Recooper to be frayed and reduced to a fiber within the textile district Prato.

This material will then be transformed by Pinori Filati into a new yarn, with which will be produced new sustainable garments, such as the Rifò denim shopper. "

The jeans shopper

If you bring three pairs of old jeans you will receive a shopper made entirely of recycled denim cotton. 

Created by all the players involved in the project, the shopper measures 31 x 37 cm, is resistant and very useful to go shopping or to carry the essentials with you every day!

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