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Recycled Cashmere Sleeveless Vest Unisex Eugenio

Kristhel weighs 49 kg and she is 1.63 m tall. Robert is 1,90 m tall and weighs 80kg. They both wear an L.

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Free shipping on orders over 150 €.
Free returns and size exchanges for EU countries.


The unisex sleeveless and oversized vest Eugenio with buttons is made with a three-ply recycled cashmere threads twisted together for enhanced warmth.

  • 250 gr
  • Buttons made with 10% recycled hemp
  • Oversize fit

COMPOSITION: 95% recycled cashmere, 5% recycled wool.

WASHING CARE: We suggest to wash the recycled cashmere garments by hand, to better maintain cashmere's quality. Alternatively you can choose a machine wash at a maximum of 30° with a gentle cycle. If you decide to wash them by hand, do firstly a light centrifuge to drain the water, then dry them naturally by lying them on a horizontal surface. 

The recycled cashmere vest Eugenio is knitted by Bruno in his family workshop 10 km from our office. The yarn used to make our woman recycled cashmere vest was recycled by the local "Cenciaioli" of Prato and it is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.

For every purchase on our online shop, we will donate 2€ to the social impact project Nei nostri panni, cenciaiolis to be, which aims to create a school for ragmen, the artisans of textile recycling. Every donation will support the training of young people coming from the local immigrant reception centres.

Free standard shipping in 3-5 days for all orders over 150€ for EU countries. Size change and free returns within 60 days. For shipping times and costs see our table. You can choose Repack, the reusable packaging.

LOVE LASTS WARRANTY: All Rifò garments are handcrafted with passion, respecting high quality standards. If you ever find some manufacturing imperfection in Rifò products, we will repair them and return them to you as new. For more information visit this page

The unisex sleeveless vest Eugenio

How it was made

The recycled cashmere sleeveless vest Eugenio is made with a pre-loved yarn, because it was born from the regeneration of old clothes that continue to tell their story, despite having taken on a new shape. The old sweaters are in fact selected by color, reduced to fiber and transformed into a new sustainable yarn.

FOREVER SERVICE: If you want to give your Rifò sweater back after two years you can send it back to us and we will recycled it again. You will also receive a coupon to be used on our shop online. Visit the dedicated page for more information.

Environmental impact

Selezionando i vecchi maglioni in cashmere per colore è possibile evitare di tingere di nuovo il filato rigenerato. Questo processo meccanico permette quindi di risparmiare moltissimi litri di acqua oltre che di coloranti e sostanze chimiche inquinanti, preservando le riserve idriche di acqua del pianeta. Il cashmere rigenerato inoltre, a differenza di quello vergine, evita la desertificazione degli altipiani asiatici dove vengono allevate in maniera intensiva le capre produttrici della preziosa lana.

CERTIFICAZIONI: Il filato cashmere che uilizziamo è certificato GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

Who made it

Rifò sweaters are handcrafted by Lena and Bruno, the most beautiful couple in knitwear, in their little family workshop 12 km away from us. After a lifetime of working virgin yarns they are testing themselves and specializing in regenerated yarn.

Johnny the lint remover

It removes lint and dots in a gentle and effective way. Free for orders over € 200 of recycled cashmere products, otherwise you can buy it here.

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