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Recycled Wool Pillow Cover Tana


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Tana is a plain-colored, soft envelope made of 100% recycled wool. The classic seed stitch makes this pillow cover textured and three-dimensional enhancing the sustainable yarn it is made of. It can be matched with the recycled wool blanket Nido as a home decor to be used on beds and sofas. This product only includes the pillow cover, not the pillow inside.

DIMENSION: pillow cover for a pillow whose dimensions are 40 cm x 40 cm

WEIGHT: 175 gr

COMPOSITION: 100% recycled wool.

WASHING CARE: We suggest to wash the recycled wool garments by hand, to better maintain the wool's quality. Once they are washed, do a light centrifuge to drain the water, then dry them naturally by lying them on a horizontal surface. You can also put it in the washer at a maximum of 30° on a gentle cycle. 

The Tana pillow cover is made locally, using certified yarns, recycled by the cenciaioli of Prato. 

By using recycled textile fibers we preserve a very old tradition, born in our district more than 100 years ago.

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2 YEARS LOVE LASTS WARRANTY: All Rifò garments are handcrafted with passion, respecting high quality standards. If, during two years from the purchase, you ever find some manufacturing imperfection in Rifò products, we will repair them and return them to you as new. For more information visit this page

Tana, the recycled wool pillow cover 

Social impact

For every purchase on our online shop, we will donate 2€ to the social impact project Nei nostri panni, cenciaiolis to be, which aims to create a school for ragmen, the artisans of textile recycling. Every donation will support the training of young people coming from the local immigrant reception centres.

How it was made

This blanket is made of 100% recycled wool from industrial production waste. These scraps are sorted by colour and then reduced to the state of a fibre which is mixed to obtain the desired colour. Finally, the fibre is processed into a new sustainable yarn.

FOREVER SERVICE: If you want, after two years it is possible to return your Rifò pullover for recycling. In return you will receive a 10 € voucher. Visit the dedicated page for further information.

Environmental impact

Sorting wool industrial waste by colour avoids further dyeing. This mechanical process thus saves many litres of water as well as dyes and polluting chemicals, preserving the planet's water reserves.

Transparent prices

Why do we say our prices are fair 365 days a year?

Because we choose to produce in Italy, with valuable craftsmanship. Because we choose quality raw materials that are sustainable for the planet. Because we produce small quantities to limit waste, which makes it difficult for us to lower unit costs.

That's not all. Compared to our costs, we have a low profit margin. We don't intend to accumulate wealth, we rather reinvest in research, which allows us to create value and grow as a brand.

Who made it

Simone Bolognesi and his family business in Prato specialise in knitted accessories since 1980.

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