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Rifò Blog

Moda etica

Pilling and sustainability: can we accept the passing of time in the name of a more sustainable sustainable fashion?

It’s that time of the year: it’s time to change our summer wardrobe to winter wardrobe and pull out mid-season...

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Moda etica

Why sustainable fashion can't be produced on a large scale

Recycled materials are not enough to make a garment sustainable, also the production processes matter.We at Rifò know it very...

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Synthetic and artificial fibers: do you know the difference between the most common ones?

We often talk about fibers produced through chemical processes.We generally talk of them in a negative way, as something that compromises...

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Eco-design, what does it mean?

Have you ever thought about how many things you bought in your life? And how many actually lasted a long...

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Circular economy as a driver for post-pandemic recovery

When the global pandemic hit last year, people, locked in their homes, had to face one fact: too many clothes...

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Why second-hand fast fashion is a damage for Africa

Tropical mix, this is the product category name of the 40-50 kg bales full of our old clothes that are...

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We tested the anti microplastics washing bag Guppyfriend

Did you know that through the use of washing machines a city of 100,000 inhabitants releases every day the equivalent...

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Industrial archeology in Prato: a journey to the places where textile regeneration was born

What is it that attracts us so much about old factories, abandoned industrial spaces and the one converted to new...

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