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Sustainable fashion for children: why invest in an ethical garment

Anyone who has children knows this: they grow up fast and clothes quickly become small and need to be replaced with new ones.

It is almost natural for parents to be tempted by the idea of saving as much as possible buying disposable clothing, which is cheap but also of poor quality.

In this way, however, we ignore the quality of what we buy for our children and the possible consequences that an item of clothing can have on our planet.

In this article we will tell you all the advantages of investing in a sustainable garment like those produced by Rifò.


Why invest in sustainable fashion for children

Buying cheap clothes, made with synthetic fabrics and dyes in bad working conditions, may seem at first sight a wise choice from an economic point of view.

Instead, it is a mistake that can have very important consequences from the point of view of the ethics of the fashion industry. As for adult clothing in fact, the € 3 t-shirt will surely have been made by men and women forced to work in absolutely unsustainable conditions.

If you have already read our article on Fashion Revolution, you will surely know how this is about fighting against all forms of exploitation, for a more equitable and sustainable fashion world.

An ethical battle that is fundamental to win to change things, in which our own children will live. A place where people's health and well-being are of primary importance and the exploitation of poorly paid labor becomes a memory.

Furthermore you can start giving new life to old clothes starting from children's ones. Very often in fact in a network of parents the old clothes and objects that their children no longer use are swapped to other parents. Giving old clothes of good quality can establish a positive circle, where waste is reduced and objects are valued.


Synthetic fabrics and artificial yarn can create more than a little discomfort even in adults, with allergies and dermatitis, and they can affect the health of a child whose body still needs to completely develop.

The consequences? There could be continuous visits to the doctor, anti-allergenic tests and possibly cortisone administration.

Investing in a sustainable piece of clothing, made with natural fabrics and attention to detail, can make the difference in this sense and guarantee your baby, especially if it is very little, cutaneous well-being and avoid the risk of exposing to harmful substances or irritating.


A way to help the planet

There is also an ethical question, of course: in a consumerist world like the fashion world, to pay the consequences of pollution caused by fast fashion - which involves the continuous realization of low-cost low-quality clothing - is the planet in which we live.

Continuously throwing disposable clothing into the fashion market has really devastating consequences on the planet: getting rid of them is not easy, recycling them anything but taken for granted, that's why tons of clothes accumulate every year and end up damaging the environment.

It is essential to break the chain and embrace the vision of a more equitable and supportive fashion, sustainable and attentive to people's health.


Green and sustainability: the future comes from our children

Making this choice on a personal level is important, but doing it with regard to children's clothing can be even more so.

In fact, through our example, our own children will be able to learn ethical and ecological values that are at the basis of Rifò's project.

Refusing fast and low-cost fashion, preferring less frequent but more thoughtful purchases, will help tomorrow's adults understand the value of each piece of clothing and see it as an object to become attached to.

If we can contribute to make better the world we live in today, we must also do so in the future by educating tomorrow's adults in the best way.


Investing in sustainable fashion for children is an ethical, economic and health issue and a positive choice for the well-being of the people we most care and, at the same time, for the good of the whole world.

If you are planning to buy a new item of clothing for your child, try taking a look at our shop, where adults and children can choose from a wide selection of eco-friendly clothes.

In particular, don't miss the Rifò Bee-Sustainable capsule collection for babies from 0 to 24 months: cap, scarf and cover for stroller. To create it we took inspiration by the world of bees, to draw attention to the fundamental importance that even the small things have for our ecosystem.

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