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No sales, for an ethical consumption


This manifest represents our willingness to stimulate our clients to buy in a conscious way, not pushed by offers, discounts, low prices or any other kind of incentive. We are firmly against every form of overconsumption and fast fashion.

Why have we decided not to do sales?

Because doing sales, means that we should have multiplied the price of our garments, taking them to the level of other brands in the market, just to discount them again in the future.

Here at Rifò we think that it is fundamental to give importance to some values that seem to be lost nowadays, we are firmly in favour of slow fashion and critical consumption.

Quality, sustainability, responsibility.

And we want to offer this to our clients, 365/365 days.

The prices we offer on our upcycled cashmere and upcycled cotton represent exactly what we need: the minimum amount that let our brand sustain the processing costs, letting us grow and create work on our territory at the same time.

We want more transparency in fashion and textile industries, this is why we propose a minimum margin and an excellent manufacture, giving importance to the great work and tradition that is behind everyone of our garments.

When we first took this decision, we asked ourselves:

Why do we need to stimulate you to consume much more when you don’t need it?

Why having more than 5 t-shirts in someone’s closet when you don’t need it?

So, from this January, we decided to say:

NO SALES, Thanks

Transparency, honesty and trust.

We first thought that incentivizing our clients to buy more was the right choice, but is this true?

We think it isn’t, so this is the moment for a change, for coming back to quality and to the  tradition a product can tell.


P.S. For every cent we receive, it is re-invested here in Italy: isn’t this sustainability?

Discover the new upcycled cashmere collection.


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