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2019 for Rifò: our journey towards a more sustainable fashion industry keeps going

2018 was a year full of satisfaction, but this 2019 really blew us away, since we have seen our project shaped up and be praised with approval and recognition from various contexts.

From a tiny startup to a growing Italian brand in the context of sustainable fashion. Rifò's project impressed on a large scale for the strength of its message linked to emotional fashion and sustainability: our Rifolution.
It has been a year of important changes, both small and great successes, together with enormous satisfaction, which we want to share with all those who support.
Here are the most important events we have experienced in the last 12 months.

Our first trade shows: Pitti Uomo and Who’s Next di Parigi
2019 started in a great way with our participation in two important events for the fashion world with a particular focus on sustainable fashion: Pitti Uomo in Florence and Who's Next in Paris.

The response we had was very positive and this helped us to make room for ourselves and promote us internationally as a brand.

The recycled jeans sweater

After using cashmere and recycled cotton for our clothing, the real turning point came with the introduction of recycled jeans.
Through a special manufacturing process, in fact, we were able to recover the yarn of the old jeans to create a truly unique product: a very soft, ethical and zero-miles sweater.

mmaglioncino jeans rigenerato

New phases of 2lovePrato

If there is something we firmly believe in, it is the value of giving back, one of the pillars for the circular economy:

  • Restoring old objects to new use.
  • Giving old clothes a new life.
  • Giving back to the community the successes we achieve.

This is why we have launched new projects of cooperation and collaboration with local voluntary associations. This is how 2lovePrato was born, our concrete commitment to support the projects of our territory, through which we donate 2 euros to a local project for every purchase made on our online store.

In 2019, thanks to this initiative we completed some important projects, such as the energy conversion of an alpine refuge and the financing for the construction of a nursing corner inside the hospital in Prato.

The cashmere collection service

Our 2019 continued with the introduction of the 100% cashmere used clothing collection service.

Our goal? To give a value to old clothes and give vouchers to those who decide to help us with our clothing collection. If you want to know more visit our dedicated page on the site and find out how the service works.

The team grows

One of the greatest satisfactions that this 2019 has given us is to have expanded our team, becoming a small family that shares the passion for eco-friendly fashion and also the love for good home cooking!

If you want to get to know us better, come and discover who we are!

Against Black Friday and the fundraising for Fashion Revolution

Also this year we said no to Black Friday, as we do for any kind of seasonal discounts. For the occasion we decided to raise funds for Fashion Revolution, the international movement born in England that fights against disposable fashion and all the damage caused by the world of fast fashion.

Through our sales during the period we were able to raise 525 euros, also thanks to the success of the Emmobbasta sweater created to launch a message of breaking with compulsive and unreasonable consumption. alda-emmobbasta

Awards and recognitions

During 2019 Rifò received some awards that filled us with happiness and pride.

Among them the Tuscany Innovation Award as the best example of youth entrepreneurship and the participation in Wwworkers Camp, an event organized by the Chamber of Deputies in order to give voice to innovative micro enterprises that are committed to a more sustainable economy.

The Bee-Sustainable capsule and the collaboration with Manusa

Finally, we concluded this fantastic year with a very successful experiment: the introduction of children's products which were very much appreciated and gave us the right impetus to move in this direction.

One of the plans for 2020 will therefore be to expand this collection, so that there can also be a response regarding sustainable clothing for the little ones.

The Bee-Sustainable capsule collection, consisting of a cap, scarf and cover for children from 0 to 24 months, was created thanks to the manpower of the Manusa social cooperative, a project that broadens our intention to have a social impact on the community, and had as its main theme a small bee, an animal so little linked to his importance for biodiversity and environmental balance.

Figures report

Before we turn our eyes to the new year, here are some data that give a picture of Rifò’s activity in 2019.

We sold 12,500 garments, recycling 1,400 kg of fabric to obtain 1,200 kg of recycled yarn.

The turnover has thus quadrupled, achieving a 400% growth and giving us the chance to be present in 78 stores worldwide: 65 in Italy and 8 in Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Holland.

For these successes we can only say thank you to all those who have appreciated our work. Through their support we had the necessary confidence to continue with a project that, like every entrepreneurial initiative, is full of risks and jumps into the void.

Thanks to all of them Rifò has not only given new life to old clothes but also new energy to small local realities, to the associations that collaborate with us and above all has defended our environment.

All together we can really make a difference. And this is our wish for you. May 2020 be a year in which we can - still - make a difference all together.

Happy New Year!

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