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Rifò's 2020, let's recap

Here we go, 2020 is over.

We could begin this blog post by celebrating the end of this surreal, bad and pandemic year.

The truth is that this year has taught us a lot. It has been a year of great growth; of concern, yes, but also of confirmations that have shown us that the path that Rifò has taken 3 years ago is still the right one

To conclude the year and celebrate the beginning of the new one, we are pleased to share with you a small review of 2020 and some reflections on the year just past.

Meanwhile, a little recap on the important goals we have achieved.

Berlin and abroad

The 2020 has just begun when we get into the newly purchased Rifò van (our first real investment), heading for Berlin, destination the Neonyt fair.

Rifò Van

For the first time we presented a rich and articulated collection of sweaters and accessories made with recycled cashmere, and we began to feel more and more a brand, beside being a circular fashion project. In fact, the response was very satisfying and thanks to Neonyt, as well as Revolver in Copenhagen, we have expanded our network of stores abroad.

Old jeans collection

In February we revealed Project X, aka  Re-Think your Jeans , our second project of old clothes collection, in particular 100% cotton jeans, in collaboration with the collection points NaturaSì stores in our territory.

re -think your jeans - Rifò

Over the past year this project has really created an incredible interest. We have collected data to expand the project and model it on the basis of people's needs. 

First of all, the success of the collection of old jeans has confirmed that circular economy means not only producing new goods through recycled materials, but above all involving people in this process, helping them to get rid of waste and old clothes to reduce their impact on the planet. From people to people, has always been our mantra and we are increasingly convinced that we want to continue in this direction.

Rifò denim fabric and the first outerwear

We had been working on it for a long time and in February we launched our recycled denim fabric, designed by us and woven right in Prato.

With this fabric that we have defined as "Rifolutionary", we have designed our Avant-garde jacket, Ernesto and Greta, inspired by the workwear of the 1920s. 

With this absolute novelty, we then created different items, such as hats with a vintage taste and a new outerwear, recycled in all its details, the Rifò parka.

Local production as a way out of the crisis

Unfortunately this year will be remembered for the Covid-19 pandemic and for the health emergency that all countries had to experience.

The experience of the pandemic made us test ourselves, exercising our flexibility, working remotely and limiting human contacts. Even in situations such as photo shooting, production management... which more than others are based on human contact.

Even for this reason fashion was one of the most affected sectors by the pandemic, and revealed its limits and weaknesses.

Overproduction, too many seasonal collections, discounts and fast fashion... all those elements have little to do with creativity and craftsmanship, but push forward a system based only on consumption, on price, on low-cost productions located in distant and poor countries; which in fact have seen important orders disappear  at the beginning of the lock down, with very important economic damage.

All this has led us to reflect on our mission, our values ​​and our characteristics as a startup and as a newborn fashion brand.


Our flexibility and almost real-time production, within a radius of 30 km from our offices, was an important resource for us, a confirmation, and a fortune.

Thanks to this proximity with the artisans, we were able to guarantee our production and to go ahead with our project, with all the difficulties this year has brought.

The Rifò family grows

Even in this incredible year, mutilated a few months after its beginning, we have continued straight on our path of growth.

Our team has grown, with the addition of three new figures and the stabilization of other components already in.

team Rifò

In the same way we have reached new goals of our 2lovePrato social impact projects, which we support through every single purchase on our e-commerce.

B-Corp certificate

Rifò closed the year with a great news: we obtained the B-Corp certification. 

We had a total score of 99.9. So we are officially part of those companies around the world that work with the aim of innovating and above all bringing a positive impact to the society in which they are based, through better working conditions, attention to the environment and social projects.

Close, despite everything

To conclude this year, first of all, we would like to say thank you.

Thanks to all the people who believed in Rifò, even only by sending us an encouragement message.

Thanks to our craftsmen and suppliers, who are still holding out between obstacles and reduced employees.

It has been a very difficult year for many and thinking that even with a so many economic difficulties, people still decided to buy one of our garments, supporting our project and choosing sustainability values ​​as a priority, makes us really proud. 

We can't wait to tell you about all the 2021 novelties!

Happy 2021 from all the Rifò team !

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