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Environmental certifications: what they are and which ones Rifò has received

We all know that humankind has caused many harmful effects on the planet.

We hear everyday news regarding the serious environmental consequences caused by climate change, caused directly by the improper use of the planet’s natural resources.

Part of the population is becoming conscious of this important theme, aware that the future depends on our actions.

Companies too have comprehended how important is respecting the environment.

In the last years more and more realities have put in the first place the attention for the planet, positioning into the category of green marketing.

The target of these companies is to give life to products or services that can have a low environmental impact and that can, at the same time, give a real benefit to the planet’s health.

This has contributed to the creation of the opposite reality of greenwashing.

We are talking about when a company tries to promote its action as respectful of the environment, even if this is not completely true.


You’re certainly wondering what to do for recognizing a real eco-friendly company.

The answer are the environmental certifications.

Now follow us and let’s discover together what they are and how to recognize them.

Let’s go!

What are environmental certifications?

An environmental certification evaluates the commitment of an organization for the respect of the environment.

A company that decides spontaneously to obtain the certification, is obliged to equip itself with an environmental management system that needs to be verified from an accredited body.

Inside this system there are processes and tools of the models presented by the company.

Which are the environmental certifications?

The first important thing to keep in mind is that it is not sufficient to read the words “natural” or “biological” on a packaging to make the product in compliance to these characteristics.

There are two different kinds of certifications: process certification and product certification.

Process certifications: for attesting the realization of positive actions and an improvement of the environment during the management process of the company.

Two examples of these certifications are ISO 140001 and EMAS.

Product certification: they are referred to the characteristics of an item.

  • Environmental labels: based on ecological criteria considered fundamental..
  • Environmental self-declarations: information that define certain constraints that must be respected.
  • Environmental product declarations: they get data regarding the environmental profile of an article through the life cycle.

Rifò's certifications

Rifò's suppliers has obtained GRS and OEKO TEX as certifications.

GRS means Global Recycle Standard and it certificates the manufacturing activities and those products derived from recycled fabrics.

Through this standard, promoted by one of the most important organizations that promote the sustainable development of the textile branch, it is underlined the importance of recycling and sustainable consumption.

The certification is released only after having checked the content of recycled fabrics and the respect of environmental and social criteria during the production.

OEKO-TEX is a certification that concerns raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, all regarding textile area.

Different are the topics considered:

  • Law regulations like azo dyes, formaldehyde, cadmium, nickel, etc…
  • Chemicals dangerous for the health
  • Substances relevant for the environment
  • Requisites of the American legislation for lead

This standard let the consumer have the certainty to purchase a safe product.

Why should a company obtain an environmental certification?

There are several reasons why a company should commit to respect the environment, asking for a certification.

Here you can find a list of the main ones:

  • Valorizzazione dell’adeguamento al progresso tecnologico
  • Verifica continua del rispetto della normativa ambientale
  • Ottenimento di semplificazioni e agevolazioni
  • Agevolazioni di vario tipo per l’impresa


Now you’re certainly capable to distinguish an eco-friendly company from one that is “green” only by the name.

So it is important that before buying any products, you are certain that this comes from a reality that doesn’t destroy our environment.

If you don’t want to have any doubts about your clothes, the right choice is buying from Rifò. We can offer you certified upcycled cotton t-shirts and upcycled cashmere sweaters.

Visit our store and discover the wonderful possibility of dressing up with sustainable and eco-friendly garments that give confidence to an Italian reality, known everywhere for its high quality.

What are you waiting for?

Choose Rifò circular fashion!



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