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Sustainable and emotional fashion: this is why we need to feel again emotions when we wear clothes

Nowadays we are used to do many automatic gestures: waking up in the morning, getting dressed and going to work, changing outfit for the gym in the afternoon and then going out for a night with friends, always thinking that “you have nothing to wear!”

In the weekend a desire for shopping comes, for being cool or simply having a new sweater to show off, so you enter inside the shop to buy it but you end up buying five garments you didn’t need.

This habit repeats day by day, apparently uncontrolled and it feeds the overproduction of garments and also the resources waste of our planet.

In fact, we don’t often consider that the disposal of tons and tons of low-quality clothes has a great environmental impact.

Do you ever stop thinking about the value of the clothes you wear every day?

It’s you choosing them or are they choosing you?

Are you too a fast fashion victim?

Would you like to reverse the course making more ecological and responsible choices for the future of our planet?

If your answer is yes, in this article you’ll find many hints to start with.

You’ll discover why it is important to feel emotions for the garments you wear and how to buy more sustainable clothes.

Moda sostenibile 2

How do you choose your clothes?

Every year it is the same story: you’re flopping your wardrobe and you realize that you didn’t remember at least 50% of the clothes in it.

You have to wear many of them just once, many others still have the label on and now you would never wear them.

Actually, thinking carefully you realize than you’ve been wearing the same clothes for weeks… meanwhile your closet is about to explode for the number of clothes in it.

But you would never replace that stylish black t-shirt (now full of holes) that kept you company on many occasions.

There’s an explanation to this.The slow fashion clothes you wear more frequently have been chosen by you, with your heart. They are the ones that, besides their utility, will make you feel yourself and express at the best who you truly are.

All the other clothes cluttered inside your wardrobe "chose you".

This means that you’ve bought them without really desidering them, in the absence of a real need.

Moda sostenibile 3

Fashion Psychology

Getting out of the logics of the disposable fashion market is possible, for example, thanks to a type of ethical fashion created to last, called slow fashion.

Remember that no one impose on us how to dress up and that your favorite clothes are linked with special moments or emotions you felt while wearing them.

Fashion psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the existing relationship between identity and clothing and it can help us to clarify some dynamics.

According to recent studies, every garment is a symbol.

Formal dresses like tailleur, high-heels and sheath dresses increase women’s confidence in themselves and represent femininity.

Loose and comfortable clothes express instead a wish for privacy and full freedom.

Also the colors we choose communicate something about us and can arouse determined feelings.

Here are some examples:

  • black: the color of formal situations. It recalls the subconscious, our darkest side, and expresses a feeling of authority and domain. blue: who wear this colour is a sensitive person, capable of transmitting peace and hospitality to others.
  • green: traditionally associated with equilibrated and thoughtful people. Moreover, wearing green has a peaceful effect on people’s minds and loosen tensions before facing a challenge.
  • red: the colour of love. It gives confidence in someone’s capacities and to who is wearing it, expressing a positive and successful personality.
  • yellow: the colour of free spirits full of energy, optimistic and brilliant.

So, when you choose a garment of a certain color, you are expressing yourself and your emotions.

In reverse, the huge number of unused garments in your closet don’t reflect your personality.

So it’s necessary to follow again our emotions in choosing the clothes we wear: the natural consequence of this choice will be a less full closet but used at 100% of its possibility.

Moda sostenibile 4

Emotional fashion: a responsible choice for the safeguard of the environment

Following an emotional approach in choosing the clothes we wear has many advantages:

  • Almost 50% decrease of economical waste due to the purchasing of disposable clothes.
  • These savings can be used to buy higher-quality clothes, more sustainable and resistant.
  • When we are attached to a garment, we will not easily throw it away after a single season. The life cycle of clothes will become longer so we’ll leave less waste around us.

A few years later the test of time will be visible also upon our more beloved clothes.

Surely, some will remain inside the memories box, making us smile every time we’ll be holding them in our hands.

Speaking about the other garments, we’ll surely succumb to the temptation of throwing them away, but we have a valid alternative to this.

In fact, last year ethical and sustainable fashion has made great strides, developing a recovery and recycle system for fabrics that is 100% sustainable.

For example here at Rifò, through the upcycled cycle, we produce high-quality garments and accessories, all derived from recycled and upcycled fibers. Our upcycled cashmere sweaters, for instance, are resistant and really comfortable.

Moreover, our garments have been designed to last much more than the fabrics we find on the market nowadays.

This is the message we wanted to share with our new video of which you can find the images in this article.

In this way your old clothes will never be scattered in the environment, but they will be born again through low environmental impact processing cycles and they can be part of your wardrobe in models and colors you like the most.


In this article you’ve discovered how it is possible to reverse the fast fashion course simply by following a series of little expedients in your everyday life. It is important to start a slow fashion path.

Listening to your emotions you’ll be able to choose your clothes in a more conscious and responsible way, decreasing your impact on the planet.

Speaking about old clothes, remember that here at Rifò we produce upcycled fabrics with a specific focus on quality and attention to details.

Donating your old clothes and wearing an upcycled one by Rifò will give you the emotion of doing something good for the planet its future.

Would you like to have a look at our products? Then visit our store!

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