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Sustainable laundry: how to wash clothes without waste

The type of clothes we wear and how we take care of them have a very important impact on the environment.

Surely you are already aware of the damages that fast fashion is causing to the planet. But you probably don't know how many consequences come from the way you wash your clothes.

Don't worry, we're not going to tell you that you shouldn't use the washing machine. Who could do it?

But there are some actions that can help you to stop waste water and energy, reduce environmental pollution and even save some money.

This is also part of sustainability in fashion.

Make yourself comfortable. Let's find out together how to wash your clothes in a sustainable way.


What does it mean to wash clothes in a sustainable way?

Using the washing machine is one of the daily actions we do automatically, without thinking about the consequences it could have on the environment.

This is an error: actually, a good part of a garment's carbon footprint comes, beside its production, from how it will be managed after its purchase.

The washing machine and the dryer consume a great deal of energy. Some products used to wash clothes contain chemicals that aren't good for the people and the planet. An example of this is the fabric softener, a product composed mainly of chemical substances that create a protective on the garment that will end up in contact with the skin, as well as in the sea.

So washing in a smart and eco-sustainable way means reducing as much as possible all the actions that damage the environment that surrounds us, wasting less energy and important resources, and very often spending less money.


Practical tips for doing (or not doing) the laundry avoiding wasting and pollution

Here is a list of practical tips that will help you transform your way of doing the laundry limiting the carbon footprint:

  • Use a garment several times before washing it. Avoid to wash a garment that you only wore once. A pair of pants for example, you can use them three or four times. This action will make you to save energy, as well as extending the life out of your garment, whose fibers weaken with the washing.
  • Avoid the dryer. The dryer is a tool that has changed our lives, becoming an automatic gesture, but it consumes unfortunately a large amount of energy. Don't abuse of it. When the sun shines in summer, or in the winter during the hottest hours of the day, hang the clothes outside.
  • Choose organic and natural cleaners. Many detergents contain components that are harmful for the planet, which once used in the washing machine will end up in the sea. An example can be phosphates or elements that derive from oil, but also preservatives and perfumes, that do not improve the performance of the product. Start reading the labels of the products you buy and avoid these substances. Also make sure they are biodegradable. Organic detergents are also good for the wallet: they generally cost less than the most popular brands.
  • Wash by hand. Don't be afraid, We are not going to tell you to throw away your washing machine and start washing all your clothes by hand, but it often happens to use the washing machine go for very few items, in those cases you can wash them by hand. Use cold water when you do it, especially when you have delicate garments, such as our cashmere sweaters.
  • Use the half load when you have few clothes to wash. Reconnecting to the previous point, we advise you to use the washing machine only when you have a full load of garments. This way you can reduce the consumption of water and electricity and let the machine operate at the maximum efficiency. We also recommend to use the washing machine during the evening hours because the energy costs less, since it is less requested during that time.
  • Less hot water. Use hot water only when strictly necessary. This choice reduces energy consumption. Normal detergents are already effective at 30 degrees, so choose higher temperatures only if you have to deal with challenging stains.
  • No dry cleaning. This type of washing is associated with chemicals that damage the environment. You can find different alternatives, such as specific detergents or "wet" cleaning.
  • Use natural remedies. Depending on the stain of your garment there are different natural remedies that can make it disappear. For a grease stain you can use a mix made of corn flour, salt and bicarbonate, which must be used in equal parts. For a grass stain, dip the head in the vinegar and add water and baking soda. Mix and the result will be guaranteed.

lavare vestiti ecosostenibile 2


Seen? Nothing incredible! Those are the little tricks that will let you to do laundry in a sustainable way.

The choices we make every day affect the future of our planet and the health of those who live here.

You will see that you will easily get used to the new way of washing your clothes and once you'll start making sustainable consumption choices you will not be able to stop. Especially when you'll see the money you are saving and the good thing you are making to the environment.

Throw your old habits into the trash and start immediately with a smart and eco-sustainable style!

And if you really want to live in an even more eco-friendly way, don't stop to smart washing but also wear upcycled clothing. Visit our online store to learn more about the sustainable fashion garments by Rifò.

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