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Join the Rifolution: help us to spread sustainability of little daily gestures

How would it be if the month of September was also a re-birth month? We could begin again our daily life with a bigger rush, putting in practice new simple habits that will have a huge impact on the sustainability of our planet.

This is what we have decided to do it here at Rifò and for this reason we launched the hashtag #rifolution to share with everyone that would like to join us in this cause. Creating a sustainable fashion is possible!

But what does “Rifolution” mean? And what's the aim of this hashtag?


Since time, with Rifò we've been trying to bring back fashion on the sustainability path both in human and environmental sense.

Consumption rhythms aren't sustainable anymore, the pollution caused by fashion industry is reaching dangerous levels. This leads to a bigger accumulation of waste and pollution in a never ending cycle that has a dramatic impact on the environment and on our own health.

We steadily believe that each of us, in its own daily life, can make little gestures with a enormous positive impact on the environment.

This is Rifo's revolution, our Rifolution: the silent revolution that starts from the heart and the choices of the individuals.

But now it's time that this revolution has a name. So this is the aim of the hashtag #refolution. It is a way to share with other people our little sustainable choice we make every day, a way to merge our voices in a single big choir, to encourage other people to join us.

Because a single drop is just a drop but many drops make an ocean!

We really believe that each of us can truly make the difference. This is why we have decided to offer also a 10 euro discount to who will come in our shop by bicycle.

sconto bici

Would you like to join us?

Then tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #rifolution. Show the world every "rifolutionary" gesture you make!

Don't forget to follow our hashtag on Instagram so that you won't miss all our little rifolutionary gestures!

Help us to spread this movement all around the world: all together we can really make a difference!

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