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Recycled Cashmere Man Sweater Italo #Nonèscontato

1st generation


Luigi is 180 cm high, weighs 75 kg and wears an M

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Hand embroidered by Francesca Sarteanesi, designer of Almeno Nevicasse's "talking sweaters", this particular Italo wants to launch a message for Rifò's Green Week 2020. Against a world of inflated discounts and petulant offers, Rifò says "it's not discounted", meaning that "It's not obvious", playing on a double sense and trying to make people considering the value of things as well as the price.

Italo limited edition sweater "Non è scontato" is made with our mouliné recycled cashmere yarn in the color Borragine.

COMPOSITION: 95% recycled cashmere, 5% merino wool. 

WASHING CARE: We suggest to wash the recycled cashmere garments by hand, to better maintain cashmere's quality. Alternatively you can choose a machine wash at a maximum of 30° with a gentle cycle. If you decide to wash them by hand, do firstly a light centrifuge to drain the water, then dry them naturally on a horizontal surface. 

The recycled cashmere sweater Italo is knitted by Bruno in his family workshop 10 km from our office. The yarn used to make the men's cashmere sweater Italo was recycled by the local "Cenciaioli" of Prato.

The recycled cashmere we use is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, while the merino wool used is mulesing-free and is RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified.

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"Non è scontato" recycled cashmere sweater Italo

Limited edition embroidery

Italo limited edition sweater "Non è scontato" is embroidered by Francesca Sarteanesi, creator of the line of talking sweaters "Almeno Nevicasse". Words slipped out of our thoughts to place themselves on our recycled and sustainable sweater, becoming a loud manifesto in opposition to Black Friday.

"It is not obvious" wants to be a message against inflated discounts, but also against the superficiality at the base of this economic system. For Rifò it is not obvious to produce clothing in an ethical, circular and 0 km way. What is not obvious for you, instead?

How it was made

The recycled cashmere sweater Italo is made with a pre-loved yarn, because it was born from the regeneration of old clothes that continue to tell their story, despite having taken on a new shape. The old sweaters are in fact selected by color, reduced to fiber and transformed into a new sustainable yarn.

FOREVER SERVICE: If you want to give your Rifò sweater back after two years you can send it back to us and we will recycled it again. You will also receive a coupon to be used on our shop online. Visit the dedicated page for more information.

Environmental impact

Selecting old cashmere sweaters by color it is possible to avoid dyeing the recycled yarn again. This mechanical process therefore allows to save many liters of water as well as dyes and chemicals, preserving the water reserves of the planet. Furthermore, unlike virgin cashmere, recycled cashmere avoids the desertification of the Asian highlands where the goats producing the precious wool are intensively bred.

CERTIFICATIONS: Our recycled cashmere wool is certified GRS (Global Recycling Standard) while our merinos wool is mulesing-free and it is certified RWS (Responsible Wool Standard).

Who made it

Rifò sweaters are handcrafted by Lena and Bruno, the most beautiful couple in knitwear, in their little family workshop 12 km away from us. After a lifetime of working virgin yarns they are testing themselves and specializing in regenerated yarn.

Italo's embroidery in the "Non è scontato" version was hand embroidered by the Prato designer Francesca Sarteanesi, creator of "Almeno Nevicasse".

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