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Recycled Cotton Blanket Sergio


Dimensions: 180 x 140 cm

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Free shipping on orders over 150 €.
Returns within 30 days


The Sergio recycled cotton blanket is a warm plaid, thanks to the fleece processing that makes it very soft. Perfect to comfort you during a trip, to keep you warm on the sofa or even to use as a beautiful bedspread. The pattern of Sergio recycled cotton travel blanket, is inspired by the imagery of soft hills

  • Dimensions: 140 x 180 cm
  • Contrasting double face
  • Fringed edges

COMPOSITION: 100% cotton, 45 to 60% of which is recycled.

WASHING CARE We suggest a dry wash the for the recycled cotton blanket, to avoid creation of pilling on the surface.


This travel blanket is made locally, using certified yarns, recycled by the cenciaioli of Prato. By using recycled textile fibers we preserve a very old tradition, born in our district more than 100 years ago.


Free standard shipping in 3-5 business days for all orders over 150€ for EU countries. Returns within 30 days. For shipping times and costs see our table. You can choose Fluffypack, the reusable packaging.

LOVE LASTS WARRANTY: Thanks to local skilled artisans we can repair your garment for free within three years of purchase. This is the most revolutionary gesture we can make to oppose fast fashion. For more information, visit this page.

Social impact

For every purchase on our online shop, we will donate 2€ to the social impact project Nei nostri panni, cenciaiolis to be, which aims to create a school for ragmen, the artisans of textile recycling. Every donation will support the training of young people coming from the local immigrant reception centres.

How it was made

Rifò's recycled cotton fleece blanket is made with a jacquard loom and therefore has a double face. To obtain the warm plush texture, the blanket is washed and then brushed, using special machines equipped with thousands of tiny pins that pull out the pile of the yarn to make it softer and softer. The raising gives the fabric softness and, by increasing the amount of air retained, improves the thermal insulation properties of the fabric.

Environmental impact

By using at least 60% recycled cotton for our products, we avoid the production of virgin cotton, one of the most polluting on the planet.

The least polluting cotton is the one already produced: in addition to not requiring pesticides and chemicals, the cotton recycling process is a mechanical process, so it does not require the use of water.

Who made it

Rifò blankets are woven by David with the help of Gabriele in Prato, with looms that have been in operation for more than 50 years!

Transparent prices

Why do we say our prices are fair 365 days a year?

Because we choose to produce in Italy, with valuable craftsmanship. Because we choose quality raw materials that are sustainable for the planet. Because we produce small quantities to limit waste, which makes it difficult for us to lower unit costs.

That's not all. Compared to our costs, we have a low profit margin. We don't intend to accumulate wealth, we rather reinvest in research, which allows us to create value and grow as a brand.

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