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Kids Zero Waste Recycled Cashmere Beanie Pon Pon


One size 4-10 years

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ZERO WASTE LIMITED EDITION. The Pon Pon recycled cashmere beanie for boys and girls is a warm two-color hat designed for little ones. Pon Pon, the bicolor beanie, weighs 50 grams and is zero waste, because it is made with recycled cashmere yarn left over from our previous productions. In this way, no resources are wasted and we manage to reduce the price of our products.

Recycled cashmere is a sustainable material, soft on little ones' skin.

COMPOSITION: 95% recycled cashmere, 5% recycled wool.

WASHING CARE: We suggest washing the recycled cashmere garments by hand, to better maintain the cashmere's quality. Once they are washed, do a light centrifuge to drain the water, then dry them naturally by lying them on a horizontal surface. You can also put it in the washer at a maximum of 30° on a gentle cycle. 


This garment is made locally, using certified yarns, recycled by the cenciaioli of Prato. 

By using recycled textile fibers we preserve a very old tradition, born in our district more than 100 years ago.


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2 YEARS LOVE LASTS WARRANTY: All Rifò garments are handcrafted with passion, respecting high quality standards. If, during two years from the purchase, you ever find some manufacturing imperfection in Rifò products, we will repair them and return them to you as new. For more information visit this page

Have a positive impact

We use even the last ressources

Rifò Zero waste creations want to send a message: no produced material has to be wasted. The textile sector generates high quantities of scraps and we aim at reducing it as much as possible. Ethical production and recycling too mean having an environmental impact, so we must try to exploit all the textile fibers we created.

How it was made

This recycled cashmere garment is made with a pre-loved yarn, because it was born from the regeneration of old clothes that continue to tell their story, despite having taken on a new shape. The old sweaters are in fact selected by color, reduced to fiber and transformed into a new sustainable yarn.

FOREVER SERVICE: If you want to give your Rifò sweater back after two years you can send it back to us and we will recycled it again. You will also receive a coupon to be used on our shop online. Visit the dedicated page for more information.

A sustainable and delicate material

Cashmere is one of the softest materials in existence. For children, it is the natural alternative that is gentlest on their skin, although it is still wool. We recommend wearing them with a t-shirt or tank top underneath to avoid the 'itchy' effect.

Environmental impact

Selecting old cashmere sweaters by color it is possible to avoid dyeing the recycled yarn again. This mechanical process therefore allows to save many liters of water as well as dyes and chemicals, preserving the water reserves of the planet. Furthermore, unlike virgin cashmere, recycled cashmere avoids the desertification of the Asian highlands where the goats producing the precious wool are intensively bred.

Who made it

Simone Bolognesi and his family business in Prato specialise in knitted accessories since 1980.

Social impact

For every purchase on our online shop, we will donate 2€ to the social impact project Nei nostri panni, cenciaiolis to be, which aims to create a school for ragmen, the artisans of textile recycling. Every donation will support the training of young people coming from the local immigrant reception centres.

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