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The 100% recycled Polo Shirt


On 7th April 1818 Henry Sands Brooks, the polo shirt’s inventor, opened a small clothing store in a neighborhood south of Manhattan. Its motto is:

"Trade only goods of the best quality, sell it at a fair margin and deal only with those who know how to appreciate them"

The 100% recycled Rifò Polo shirt

Our recycled cotton Polo shirt takes up the classic Polo from the 1920s which was mainly used in sports contexts, particularly in tennis.
Today it is the casual alternative to the shirt, its transversal use stopped being only linked to sports. It has become an icon of the informal look, both male and female.
We made it ours by studying the design in every detail and its wearability, and using the yarn produced from 180 gr of cotton waste and 5-6 plastic bottles.

Strong fabric

Our 220g /mtl fabric manages to combine comfort and lightness. Piquè fabric has the extraordinary characteristic of having a structure that is not completely closed and therefore it makes the shirt very breathable.We made the fabric entirely in Prato and to do it we firstly had to remove the dust from the machinery. In fact this type of production unfortunately has been delocalized over time mainly in Turkey, China and Tunisia.

Rigid neck

The neck for both men and women and the cuffs only for men are designed and made with the same material as the body but with the rib stitch so as to make it inflexible and long lasting with washing. In addition, the GRS recycled polyester label was sewn so that it does not bother the neck.

3 Buttons

Usually in the Polo shirts there are two buttons on the neck, We have chosen to put three to give more possibilities to adjust the fit and so that the neck can stay flatter and not create defects. The material with which they are made is natural nacre. The two colors we use for our Polo shirts are natural, and therefore biodegradable.

Ni slit and double stitching

Usually the Polo shirts have a few centimeters slit on the side of the Polo. We have chosen not to do so to give a greater cleanliness of the Polo style and because, in some cases, it could not fit good. On the bottom of the Polo shirt we decided to insert a double stitching in order to make the garment look more refined and less sporty.

Controlled shrinkness and good colourfastness

The colors we use have been tested in a laboratory and passed the solidity tests required by the European Union. We wash the piqué fabric twice before the confection. The study of the pattern has allowed to have a balance in the garment. In fact, after washing at home there are no relevant significant restrictions of 5%. The fabric is pre-washed to make sure the color resists several washes afterwards.

Felice, the man style

The fit of the men's polo shirt is designed to have a classic, comfortable yet young style. For the men's polo shirts we thought of playing with the color contrasts and so we decided that the sweatband inside the neck and the Rifò logo embroidered on the chest were colored in contrast with the body of the polo shirt. Choose your favorite!

Rita, the woman style

The fit of the Women's Polo is studied and shaped in order to highlight the female curves in the best way without losing the classicism of the model. We have designed the Polo Shirt without a neckband so it can hold better its shape and give the garment more elegance. We have chosen not to insert the embroidered logo on our first Women's Polo to give it greater elegance and class.


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