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The Rifò collection service: how to take part to the circular economy process

The idea behind Rifò project is to give waste a new life, helping to build a circular economy in the fashion sector.

As you may know, Rifò is a clothing line that uses upcycled yarns that is created through the shredding of old fabrics or industrial scraps. The latter are then transformed into a new fiber.

This process allows us both to safeguard our planet through recycling  and to not waste precious resources. In fact, the colors of the new yarns correspond to those of the old upcycled fabrics.

circular economy-servizio raccolta 1

In addition to the use of upcycled yarns for our productions, we also want to involve our community in the circular economy process collecting old garments also from privates, in exchange for a discount coupon on a Rifò purchase.

Today we want to deepen this issue and explain in detail how our collection service works, distinguishing between traditional one and the FOREVER service, for those who have already purchased our garments.

What are the collection service and the FOREVER service?


circular economy-servizio raccolta 1

The collection service allows us to receive old clothes, that will later be processed and transformed into new clothing. Similarly, if you have already purchased a Rifò garment, you can send it to us through the FOREVER service so that it can be recycled.

Let's see in detail how the old clothing collection service is organized and how you can contribute to our cause.

How does it work?


The service is valid only for Italy at the moment.

We accept any garment: sweaters, scarves, cardigans, socks... The important thing is that the item has an intact label and it is 100% cashmere.

In the case of the FOREVER service, we simply need to recognize the Rifò logo.

Although we would like to expand the collection service to other fabrics, at the moment we only treat cashmere, which is also our strong point. But... * SPOILER *: keep following us because there will soon be news about another yarn!

Regarding the state of the garment, don't worry if the garment is unpicked, broken, stained or if the buttons are missing. Just make sure that the label is intact and we'll take care of the rest. To tell the truth, we like so little the idea that a garment thrown away, that if the garment you send us should only have a small unstitch or a small solvable problem, we repair it and send it back to you for free!


After having checked if the garment is ok for our service, you should weigh it and send it. The number of vouchers you will receive will vary depending upon the weight.

To send the package, you have two options at your disposal. You can:

  • set an appointment with the courier directly to your home


  • take the package to a post office

Shipping is free of course. You can choose the day and time for the collection and we will take care of sending a courier to your home.

If you prefer to take the package to the post office closest to your home, just write to us at with the details and weight of your package and we will send you the waybill.

That's it: very simple!

circular economy-servizio raccolta


When we receive your old clothes, as we said, there are two possibilities. If they are good we will repair them and you can receive them, in addition to the Rifò coupons corresponding to the weight of the material you sent us. Otherwise they will be put in the fabric regeneration process to upcycle them. You will receive a € 10 discount for each Kg sent, but even by sending us only one sweater you can access the € 10 voucher. For example:

-If you send a sweater, you'll get a € 10 discount voucher

-If you send 3 sweaters with a total weight of 900 g, you will receive a € 10 discount voucher

-if you send 6 sweaters with a total weight of 1.5 kg, you will receive 2 € 10 discount vouchers


For Rifò customers who want to buy a new item on our e-store without overcrowding their wardrobe, it will be possible to send an old or ruined one with the Rifò brand, and receive a 10 € voucher, regardless of the weight of the garment. Remember, you should have purchased the item at least two years ago: otherwise we wouldn't be a slow fashion company!

As you can see in each of the two cases the result we get is the best possible: new and more lasting clothes and less accumulation!

circular economy-servizio raccolta 3

We saw together what our collection service is and above all how it works.

For the Rifò project, based on the circular economy, garment industry waste is fundamental. Only in this way can we create quality, sustainable garments and products that minimize the resource consumption.

Rifò's goal is to make our regeneration process as transparent as possible, according to a philosophy: "from people to people".

As you may have guessed, this is only the beginning of the project, we would like to extend the collection service to other fabrics and to create physical collection points.

Do you want to see the final result of our work? Then visit our online store and choose the item you prefer!

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