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Rifò Blog

Il 2021 di Rifò: le tappe che hanno segnato un anno di transizione

Cogliamo l'occasione della chiusura di questo ultimo anno per condividere con voi un recap su quelli che sono stati i...

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Moda etica

Guida ai regali di Natale sostenibili per vari budget: le idee in cashmere rigenerato di Rifò

Natale è un periodo dell’anno molto delicato per la sostenibilità e per i nostri propositi di acquistare in modo più...

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Knitting decreases: what is it?

Knitwear is a textile field rich in tradition and artisan knowledge.There is a world behind every single knitted garment, made...

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Rifò's 2020, let's recap

Here we go, 2020 is over. We could begin this blog post by celebrating the end of this surreal, bad...

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Knitting recycled cashmere. The RE-Cashmere balls from Rifò X Bettaknit collaboration

We have often been asked if there was the possibility of buying our recycled cashmere directly in balls, to have...

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What does mulesing free mean and which are the alternatives to this practice

Rifò uses for its winter collection a yarn composed of 95% recycled cashmere and 5% virgin merino wool certified RWS...

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Parka, history and origin of the cold-proof winter jacket

When we decided to create an outerwear for the winter that was padded and sustainable, we chose inspire ourself to...

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Where do the clothes thrown in urban dumpsters end? We asked a cooperative that manages the old clothes collection

The most proper way to get rid of your old garments that have already been completed their journey with you,...

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