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Sustainable gift guide for different budgets: Rifò recycled cashmere ideas

Christmas is a very delicate period of the year for sustainability and for our intentions to buy in a more reasoned and conscious way. Who has never bought useless gifts or maybe made from very poor quality materials? We know it very well, it can happen in the last days before Christmas.

Just to prevent the trap of last minute gifts, we decided to help you with our sustainable gift guide, with a selection of our Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection.

To create it we divided our products by different budgets, because we believe in an ethical and accessible fashion model, both for the producers and the consumers.

And then because everyone deserves a gift made with the heart and the head.

Remember: the delivery in time for Christmas is guaranteed only for orders placed by December 15th.

Little sustainable gifts up to 35 euros

In the first price range we can find two evergreen accessories: the Rifò thermos that keeps both warm and cold (approved by the whole Rifò team!), and the clutch bag Tina made with our recycled denim fabric.

Going up slightly on the budget, you can find our first accessories made with recycled cashmere, like the soft Amelia headband and the bicolor Vittorio beanie.

We think that's all, but as we may have missed something, you can always view here all the sustainable gift ideas up to 35 euros.

Eco-sustainable gifts from 35 up to 50 euros

In this price range you  can find all our winter beanies and hats made both with recycled cashmere and with a recycled carded woolen cloth fabric.

These ones, Jules, Jim e Ted are one of the last winter novelties and they are available in three styles: the baseball cap, the bucket hat and also the newsboy hat.

If the recipient of your sustainable gift has a more alternative style, he could appreciate the Arsenio balaclava or even the Filippo neck warmer, very tactical to protect yourself from the cold even under a low-cut outerwear. Both are unisex.

To see more sustainable gifts from 35 to 50 € visit this page.

Recycled cotton and recycled cashmere ideas from 50 up to 100 euros

If you want to give a Rifò accessory for Christmas you have a really nice choice. In our shop you can find many garments made with recycled cashmere but also with a warm and plush recycled cotton, like our capes and blankets.

Want to know which are the indispensable ones for the Rifò team? We made a little survey and here's the winners: the recycled cashmere scarfs and the stoles, as well as the ponchos Anna and Elisabetta, crew neck or round neck.

And.. we were about to forget! This season we also created some very particular male accessories, the bow tie Niccolò and the tie Giordano, both made with the same recycled cashmere yarn but woven with looms. Ideal for who wears those accessories everyday or even for a special occasion.

Discover here all Rifò sustainable gifts from 50 up to 100 euro..

Recycled cashmere sweaters under 100 euros

We at Rifò decided to make a precious material such as cashmere accessible. This is why in our shop you can find some styles affordable even if your budget does not exceed 100 euros.

Such as the turtle neck Ada, or the style Giulietta, the very first women's sweater we created(!). They are two indispensable pieces in anyone's wardrobe. You will really enjoy wearing them over time and maybe one day give it to a beloved person.

In this price range you could also choose one of our comfortable and sleeveless vests: the fitted style Matilde with a high collar, or the unisex and oversize Eugenio.

Discover here all the sustainable sweaters under 100 €.

Sustainable sweaters over 100 euros

Do you know that thanks to the recycled cashmere yarn we are able to save over 65% of water and 83% of CO2 compared to the same virgin product?

For us this is a good reason to give a warm Christmas sweater. In our shop you can find really a big choice: high collar, round neck, ribbed or with stockinette stitch, with a mélange pattern, plain or striped....

Are you curious? Then visit this page to see all the men's recycled cashmere sweaters.

Or this one to see the all the recycled cashmere sweaters for women.

If you have come this far and still haven't found what you are looking for, here's another option. Perhaps you might like the idea of giving a comfortable garment or an accessory to stay comfy at home.

Our recycled cashmere tracksuits for examples, here's how you can compose them:

  • Sweatshirt Teti + Achille pants for her  ♀
  • Hoodie Omero + Paride pants for him ♂
  • Or mix as you want: who cares? ⚧

In addition to the tracksuits, you will also find the blanket Elide and the very comfortable socks Ettore. But warning: they create a strong addiction especially in the morning when you are about to get out of bed.

A Rifò gift card

Last but not least the perfect gift. If you are still looking for something, there's only one choice left: make your recipient choose. You can do it whatever your budget is with a virtual Rifò gift card. You can choose from 30 € up to 200 € and once bought you can send directly or give it by hand, as you prefer.

Back to emotions Christmas edition

Did you like this recap of all the sustainable gifts you can find on Rifò shop? We created this mini-guide because, as you maybe know, we love the idea of going back to emotions. 

At this time of the year we are committed even more than usual because we would like every Rifò gift to have a special value for those who receive it. For this reason, whether it's a small or an important gift, we ask you to help us tell its story. A story made of environmental impact savings, social projects and  initiatives, but also about the beautiful artisans who work at zero miles from us.
This is the story of a Rifò garment, now it's up to you or whoever will receive it to continue writing it. Only in this way can a garment can truly last over the time and be rifolutionary!

Merry Christmas from all the Rifò team✨

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